Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All hail Joe the Bernina Technichian!

Hi there y'all!

Did you know that Mondays are normally my very best sewing day of the week? Well it is true. I love Mondays. It is almost like Monday is Tia's Day! By some fluke of destiny I normally don't have any essential appointments and there is no need to go to the commissary as it is not restocked from the feeding frenzy of the weekend. I can slump around in my fluffy pink robe and fuzzy house shoes and sew to my heart's content. Well, that was my plan this morning.

Murphy stepped in and sabotaged my lovely Monday morning. He decided that I would have a better day driving almost 4 hours to and from the Bernina shop to get my 820 tended to. I am not upset about it at all. You see, I got to meet Joe. From my experience with Bernina fellas, he seems to be the most patient and knowledgeable. He was there waiting for me on the front porch of the store when I backed in and took darling Brunhilda back to his table, set my 4 year old, Sam up with some little people toys (you remember them from your childhood? I sure do!) and began giving me a block of instruction. I am now confident that I know more than anyone else in my building about the Bernina 820 (bold claim, hey?). I know about the dove tail in the bobbin chamber, I know about all the different pickup motors in the threading compartment and I know that my machine is so sensitive....so very much more sensitive than either of my other Berninas were. Brunhilda is quite a princess....but I love her even more this evening thanks to Joe's help. What a wonderful instructor. I will get in my van and drive out there again if Bruni isn't feeling well, but at least I know how to thread the machine properly. I did before, but one of the little metal things sprang off the arm it was supposed to be hooked onto....don't ask me how, I have no clue, but it is better now. Maybe tomorrow will be a better sewing day!

Here are my 2 girls sitting together on the table. Look at all that extra room under the throat! Twice the quilting space. It is beautiful....

So while Brunhilda and I have been getting acquainted I decided to try something I have always wanted to make. a Spiderweb quilt! I followed THIS TUTORIAL. I love it because it does not use paper...but is sorta paper pieced. I hate ripping the paper off of the finished blocks, this method seems more tidy. I didn't want to jump right into a bag making because I was apprehensive as to what the tension would be like (good thing too!). I would have hated to rip out all that quilting. It is sorted now...tomorrow will be better!
Have a lovely evening all!


Art said...

Have StuDean email me --- I can probably help him suffer through this.

Kristin L said...

Whoa! Seeing the two side by side (and knowing the actual size of the "little" one really shows how enormous Bruni is!

BTW, my husband (who told me back when Cindy "introduced" us) that he didn;t recognize you and your hubby, is now telling me "oh yeah, we know them!" Apparently, the hubbies were in Poland together pre-2000 I think. We may have actually met in person at a Hail and farewell in Germany.

LauraJ said...

with anything new there's always a learning curve. may you to learn to dance together harmoniously as you once told me! :)

the Campfollower said...

I had to take both of my other Berninas back to the shop right after sewing on them a few days...normally with the first bobbin change where I missed something tiny. Bruni will be best of friends...I just know it. I am a fairly friendly gal ;o)

Kristin and Art, hi. Weird how small the army is. I wish I would have paid better attention when we were introduced. I will tell Stu to email you, he is resigned to Brunhilda though.


Brenda said...

Great spiderwebs. I used Marit's tutorial as well when making spiderwebs. I'm nearly done enough for a fullsized comforter cover. I decided to piece right on the foundation fabric, since I won't be quilting it. What are you going to do with all the off cut triangles.

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