Monday, January 18, 2010

What a foggy day.

Happy Sunday morning everyone!

I sure hope you are all doing well this weekend. I sure am. My husband took the kiddos to the gym to play a bit of basketball so I have some quite time in the house. I was going to fold laundry and put it away, but I decided to blog instead. What the heck, right? Last night we went on a family date to see the movie Avitar. It was fantastic, I get all the underlying meanings and all that but it was a fabulous movie. Emma didn't like it she LOVED it. She has been saying that all day. The one we saw was in 3D. I am not sure if they all are, but it sure was exciting. My heart was in my throat when he first flew off on his flying dragon thing.

OK, so onto other stuff. I am LOVING my Bernina 820. Brunhilda is sewing like a champ. Here are some things I made on her this week.

I finished these 2 Stu totes. They are both made using my current favorite fabric collection (Rouenneries ) I love the faded reds and oysters...gorgeous. I think they go splendidly with camouflage as well.

Here is Tammy as she came to collect her order. I was outside trying to find some sun so I could show you haw awesome these bags turned sun except Tammy's smile. Oh well you will have to imagine how great they are. Maybe I need to invest in a good light box or something since I don't have my wonderful Australian Sun to rely on all the time.

Here is one of my latest designs. I am making a couple Hero bags for a lady whose son was killed in Iraq. I have been thinking about this design for months. She wanted a bag like the Molly purse I make, but with a flap closure. This is a mock up using a spare leg. I will probably do the strap different (straps are so tricky for me, I want them to be perfect - and pretty) but this is the sample I made up for her to see. This bag will be available in my little shop with a couple other samples I have made recently. I need to find them good homes so I can have more room for other bags.

This is all my Rouenneries fabric I have from French General (by Moda) I love it so much. Now that I can go wonder about fabric shops I get to see it in real life. There are so many prints in this collection and I find something new all the time! I just wanted to show you how lovely it is. Ahh. There is quilting weight cotton, a heavy cotton ticking that is so soft, a wonderful linen/cotton blend and the dot is a wild woven thing. I love it.

And finally, look at this. Sew mama Sew sent it to me! Some of you nominated me as a Generous crafter who is quilting for Peace. Wow. Thanks so much for being so thoughtful and putting me foreword. I really do not like to shout about what I do. I just do my thing quietly in my sunny little sewing room, but it sure feels good to me recognized sometimes. Thank you so much!
OK, I guess the laundry is getting ready to lead some sort of mutiny back in my bedroom....I better go quell it!
Have a great rest of your weekend!


Tricia said...

So glad you won a little prize for your generosity! When you did your "year in review" post with pics of dozens of quilts and bags and crafties my jaw dropped open in amazement! You are one whirling dervish of a Lady! So many people have benefited from your talent and open-heart!
Thank you!

AllieKatMom said...

I love what you do with these!!!

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