Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sewing class

Hey there!

Just a short post to pop in and show off what my friends made yesterday at my little sewing class. We made pot holders. I just love this design. I had to copy one of my favorite pairs I got from a friend in Germany when I basically made them catch fire (don't use polyester fabric and batting in potholders and then sell them to unsuspecting folk ;o). I love the set I made from the smoldering originals, and everyone else seems to as well when they come over for dinner or whatever.

I think we had a great time (my face was sore from laughing so much) and we had some very yum food. Anyway it was a blast. Next month we will be making quilted pillows. Please email me for information if you would like to come too.

Jennifer and Debbie on the left are Friends with one of my best Army friends Kerri (before I moved here) and Jessica on the right is one of the ladies I made a bag for about 3 years ago. I swear I felt like I already knew her, but meeting her in real life was so wonderful! Now we are all friends....

I am going to the Modern Quilting Club in Kansas City tomorrow! I can't wait!!! Woohoo! I am dragging Jen and Debbie with me.

Have a great Friday!



Needled Mom said...

Those look great. It was a perfect project.

LauraJ said...

I found a pattern similar to these potholdes on Marthastewart today as I was browsing Valentine crafts. What a happy coincidence. They are super cute! Now I must make one or 2!

Have great fun at your meeting!!

the Campfollower said...

You are right LauraJ! Here is a link to it

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