Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here's the Loot!

Wow! What a response to my issue yesterday! I will be the first to admit that I STINK as a business woman, but I am pretty friendly. My downfall is that I try to do too much. I spread myself too thin.

So without further ado the loot!

I put together some of my all time favorites for you to have and love too.

  • The first is the little camo drawstring bag. I LOVE this bag. I have about 7 around the house and studio and they are so darn useful.
  • I have some little fabric strippers for you. The great thing about these is that they are all different widths and lengths. That may sound totally KRAZY to some of you, but if you do any sort of liberated piecing the different width gives you an amazing result. One roll is pinks, lime greens and reds. Another is Tea dyed blues, the third is mostly Lecien. Lecien is my favorite fabric manufacturer and I have made several quilts and bags with this color family and I totally adore whatever is the result.
  • I have a spool of my favorite thread. King Tut Variegated green cotton. I piece with it, I quilt with it...I hand stitch with it. You can't go wrong with King Tut.
  • There are some Clover needles. If you have come over to my house I may have gushed about my fondness for Clover notions, they are my favorite.
  • There are some little 2.5 inch squares left over from my 9 patch quilt....maybe you are working on one and need some variety?
  • Finally there is a triangle ruler. I have found a new passion for triangles. This one is a Dear Jane triangle, for some reason I have 2. I guess I misplaced one in a move and then it turned up on the other side. Who knows?

See, what you should do is strip some of those strips together and they cut out triangles! I love them!!

Anyway, go forth and comment on the blog entry below (the one about what make a good fabric shop) and I will draw a winner Tuesday.

Have a happy warm day it has been snowing all morning here!


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LJ said...

triangle ruler! Squeeeeeee!!

Weird verification word: ingrow

my toenails are fine thank you.

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