Monday, March 8, 2010

Ethan's 7th Birthday

Hey there everyone.

I bet you thought we died, right? Well we are still here alive and well. Just crazy busy with day to day things....but Friday was special. Friday my middle man turned 7. His little brother turns 5 tomorrow, so March is a month of birthdays for us. Ethan got to have a sleep over with 4 of his little buddies and it was lots of fun.

Here is an aftermath shot. See, not too much chaos. Not bad.

This is my go at cake decorating. I had in mind a transformer battle scene... but this is what happened.

Here are my little helpers doing some tasting. I really like Martha Stewarts' One Bowl Chocolate cake. It is my go to chocolate cake recipe. I have never had it turn out badly. My husband is always excited about it because he thinks it tastes like a box cake.
I finished stitching the binding on Ethan's quilt right before the little guests arrived last night. The quilt does not feel finished yet...I may add some more hand quilting to one of the boarders, but overall I am thrilled with the quilt. I also need to add a label to the back.
Oh other than 3 dentist appointments, multiple trips to the commissary and a wild hunt for a 16inch zipper that came to conclusion at the Walmart in Atchison the most thrilling part of the week was having our cat (Ike) shaved. He looks hilarious. But he is so proud of himself....he is combat light now and prowls around the house like the predator he is. It is quite funny. We have been laughing all week about how he looks. But not in front of him...I would hate to embarrass him. Oh and we had him shaved because his hair was getting all matted on his chest and underarms, so it was for a real reason.

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LJ said...

I'm so glad you all had a wonderful birthday! How funny the boys are 2 years and 2 days apart.
That cake looks good! I'm dying for cake but watching my figure. Being a single gal with no one to share cake with it would ALL go to my middle! Nooo!!

I love the photo of your quilts on the living room floor. We do that here too and it's so fun! We have little living room picnics in the winter.

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