Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Leather Source

I was whining the other day at book club about getting ready to run out of the leather I bought this summer and how I wish I could find another source of hoo....poor me! I love the leather I found, but I don't want to use it because I will run hoo. Well, one of my friends (Kat) looked at me and said "There is a leather shop in town. Go there." Duh. I have seen it a hundred times, but never gone in. Yesterday after picking up Sam from preschool I visited. Wow. I am pretty sure the lady who was working thought I was a lunatic. I petted her entire stock of leather. Muttering away to myself about what I would make with each piece....I am kinda embarrassed about my behavior now, but I had inspiration overload. I bought a couple pieces and fully intend to go back and get a big red hide that I had too leave behind because it was too expensive. Oh it was gorgeous.

Anyway I got home with my loot and stacked it up on the work table and say how much the lovely white Elk leather wanted to join in with my new Laura Gunn Poppy fabric and make a bag. I would have sat down right then a started, but I was going to Weston with Jennifer so we could go to her favorite quilting shop there (Pigs in a Blanket - GREAT little shop. They do rag quilting, which I am very intrigued with. I will have to take a class there, since I have this great old Amy Butler flannel that I don't know what to do with.). SO I decided to take my leather with me. I sat it in my lap and stroked it on the ride. So soft. Jennifer has known me long enough to know I am not too crazy. But When I get an idea in my mind it almost HURTS unless I can get it out.

Here is my lovely stack of leather. The bottom is a hide of white Elk. It is so soft, but thick. It is wonderful. The next one is a milk chocolate leather hide...I see flap messenger bags here. Next is a green glove leather remnant that I am going to make some little wallets from and finally on top is a tad of turquoise that I think is deer leather.

See what I did with it? A little circle of turquoise, and a beach stone button.

Some loopy quilting.... the other side is my swirly free motion.

And viola! Here it is all finished. JUST like I imagined. This bag is lined with some Giant poppies. I will get better pictures before I list it in the shop. So, Yes, it is going in the shop. Doesn't is scream "I am ready for some warm weather!!!!!".
OK, I have sewing to do, and a kitchen to clean and some beans to soak.
Have a lovely day everyone. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.


Rafael's Mum said...

It's lovely and it all goes so well together! You are a genius!!

jmbmommy said...

That bag is TOO GORGEOUS!! Looking at that leather makes me want to pet it too. I need to go looking for a leather source around here. WOw, so pretty!!

jreuter said...

You are the SHIT Tia!!! How is the store in Weston? I thought about taking a trip there but didnt know how much of a selection they have:) Jess Reuter

Vicki said...

So pretty. I love how the seams are exposed and the quilted side panels, adorable.

Tif / Halu-Halo said...

yummm, leather!!!!!!! i'm sure your machine can sew through it like butter!!!! beautiful bag!

Brenis said...

Stomping my feet in desire over that bag Tia!! LOL!! No, you are not crazy - EVERYONE knows you are supposed to pet leather! Sheesh. And keep raising it to your nose to catch a little whiff here and there too! :D
oohh it just looks so buttery! I love it!

Hillary said...

If I wasn't so broke I'd jump on that like peanut butter and jelly on bread! lol I carry my bags you made all the time! My big one is my gym bag...I love to see jealous faces in the locker room...hehe.

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