Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yet another little project - thanks sew mama sew!

Here are my cats....they feel like I should have more pictures of themselves on the blog. I heard an odd fact the other day on Animal Planet. Did you know that 80,000 accidents a year are reported due to tripping over your pets? Ellie likes to try to serpentine between my legs as I walk down the long hall. I think she is trying to make me a statistic. Crazy cat.

It is Spring around these parts and I think only Charlotte, NC has had a more colorful season. That was because of the Azaleas. I think I like Kansas better because the mornings are still lovely and cool instead of the humidity of Charlotte. Now I know this is not a proper study, but I only have 1 year to form my opinion of Ft Leavenworth. I must say that the cal to be outside has been horribly strong. I do give in to it. I have to. There is an enormous hedge of lilacs over by the park so Sam and I go, he plays and I bring something to hand stitch or if I don't have anything ready I just read. It is so pretty. Some nice magic is worked on my anxiety. I know I have a hundred other things to do (finish the last couple bags, sort stuff for the move, purge some fabric maybe?) but some time to do nothing but relax and watch my little guy grow is such a nice activity too.

I brought this quilt out to work on again....But after one more row I put it back in it's drawer. It is just taking too long. I see my Flickr friends whip them out in no time, but I just am taking too long! Maybe I have too many strips in my webs. I want it to be I have to but it away until I have the time to dedicate to it properly.

As you may know it is Quilt month over on Sew mama Sew. I love quilt month. I always learn something new. Elizabeth from O'Fransson has put up a GREAT tutorial the Dresden Plate block. I learned this one way back with my very very first quilting class. Back before I even owned a sewing machine...way back when I was a little baby 2LT nurse in the Army. We had to do it by hand and I was just not great at it and my stitches looked horrible...I never finished the block or my sampler for that matter. I have always wanted to try again though. Especially now that I have such a great sewing machine! See I used my blanket stitch! I love it.

For this block I used some vintage sheets, one of my husbands class B green shirts (they are getting rid of that uniform so we can have yet another uniform) and a nice thin linen for the background. I purchased the vintage sheets as some charm packs from twin fibers on Etsy ( I can't find her shop...not because it is not there, just because I may not be searching for it correctly) and as a fat quarter set from ReForm School. I have been waiting for the perfect project to use them in and I think this quilt will be perfect! I do wonder if I am supposed to cut away the inside of the know the linen that is covered by the Dresden plate....seems likely since it will get all bunchy otherwise. I will go back and read the instructions again after I drop off Sammy at preschool.
Have a lovely and crafty week everyone! I will be participating with the flea market this weekend on post. We will have heaps of treasure to sell. If you are nearby come by and check stuff out!


Brenda said...

I like your spiderweb so far, but I know what you mean about it being a long drawn-out project. Mine has 36 blocks, and it took months. I would do about 9 triangles at a time, and then put it away, and get it out again. but now I'm sleeping under it and I love looking at all the different fabrics. as I sewed other projects, I saved the strings from my spiderweb, so there's all kinds of fun fabrics in it. I like your dresden as well -- I made a bunch in January, and now I need to decide what to do with them.

Anonymous said...

Your furry children are adorable! And your quilt blocks are looking good. I don't think I could ever make a whole spiderweb quilt. Just making a placemat took forever! But the Dresden plates should go much faster. Enjoy the process!

lesthook said...

Charlotte is not near as humid as usual this far,LOL!

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