Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayers for the back of our mind

Many of you have sent little quotes to have stitched onto the straps of the bags I have made you. I have seen all sorts of them, bible verses, lines from songs, patriotic declarations, heartfelt pleas. Jackie sent one recently that really touched me. So....I figure I am not the only one who could use a little reminder. I am taking the day to make a couple tiny wall quilts. I will add them to my shop after I tweek them just the way I want them. I am not sure if I like the one with my handwriting of the one with the type better. I will do up both so you can select yourself.

On a different note, I took a bunch of bags and a couple quilts up to Ruby Slippers here on post (it is a little shop run by the spouse club) so they aren't in my shop anymore. If you are on post, go by and get a good deal and support the wives club at the same time!


Melissa Robinson said...

Hey Tia!

I really like the one with your handwriting! I love the personal touch!! ;)

Sister Shirley said...

So beautiful! Thank you for your wonderful work. If you are able to take on more orders in the future, I would love to offer your services on my upcoming website.

Kind regards, Shirley

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