Monday, June 14, 2010

It is moving day!

So, Today is the big day. The movers come to pack up our gear and get it ready to be loaded up into a truck. Oddly enough this is our first "State to State" move. We should be able to go straight from Kansas to Texas and unpack our stuff on the other end.

For the past couple days we have been really getting ready. Friday was a big day. Stu had his graduation ceremony. We listened to the US Ambassador to Afghanistan speak. I really expected a great speech, but he was a dreadful boreing. Not that I am a great speaker, but I am not an ambassador to Afghanistan either. Oh, well. Then we went home and our big Air Conditioning machine for the building we live in caught fire. So, they had to come out and turn it off. Needless to say it is blazing hot...well not blazing hot, just really really hot and steamy with all the humidity. It was 98F yesterday in our apartment when we left the house last night. Housing graciously put us up in the temp housing hotel thing on post, so it is nice to cool off a bit in the evening before we return to the sweat box.

Since this is my crafty little blog, I will show you some of my project pictures. I have been doing lots of sewing when I should be packing. I have found all sorts of little projects to pack up for hand work. The basket above is filled with all sorts of little things to keep my fingers busy and channel my need for order and control. I am participating in the "scrappy pin cushion swap" and decided to cut up an old pin cushion so I could use the heavy stuff inside. I thought it was sand, but it was really some sort of black stuff. While I was pouring the heavy stuff from the old pin cushion into the new one, I kept poking my fingers with something inside. "Oh, I thought to myself, I must have a needle stuck in there." Well I think there were actually about 15 needles stuck in that tiny pincushion. It looked like a crafting horror movie as the needles emerged. But good news! They were my favorite John James needles! So now I have a little more reliable form of moving transportation for my needles. I made a little needle book. I may have time to stitch up another one while the movers are packing my craft room....

Ellie is taking a break in the craft room.

Brunhilda is all packed and ready to go to Texas! I gave her a good cleaning and oiling before I packed her up. I love how the Swiss pack these machines. I feel like quite the engineer when I get everything back into their designated slot.

Some of my quilts all folded up, there are a bunch more in the box behind the little couch.

I think Emma's room took us the longest to get in Moving configuration. She is such a little pack rat.

The boys are ready to go!

Oh, this is the pincushion I made for my partner! I finally used my little Cookie girl fabric from Aunt Cookie. I have a ton of her fabric, but it is so awesome I just don't use it. That is the strawberry pincushion that all the needles were trapped inside. You can see a finished picture here.

These lovely scraps are from Amy Butler. Beth emailed me the other day and wanted to know if I would like them. I am getting pretty low on my Hero Bag and Hero quilt fabric, so it was just just the thing. The Love fabric is so very nice. I am sure I will find all sorts of things to make with it. Thank you Beth and Amy Butler!

And last but not least, I finished Melissa's order. I really really like this pillow. In my opinion it is a pretty good use of Erin Michael's" Lush fabric line. After this pillow I have used up all the green Lush I had. And I think it is going to a great little family so I can't say I regret it one bit. No crafter's regret here! This set is wonderful. I shall try to get a picture of everything together, in case there is some down time today.
Anyway, I better get a move on so I can assist with the packing of our home. We are 1 of 21 families moving out today. I predict that there will not be much parking on the street today.
Have a great day and happy crafting!


Rafael's Mum said...

Hope you have a good move and get safely to the other end. We'll see you there!
Hugs Marg x

Kristin L said...

One of 21 families! Let the moving season begin! I wish you guys all the best and safe travels for you and your stuff to Texas. :-)

the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much Marg and Kristin! So far the movers have been pretty good. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the move. Yexas is only a couple states away so it should be OK, right?

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

Seems like just a bit ago I was turning green with envy at that beautiful space you moved into ... and now your leaving?
Safe trip and I hope the next lodging is as nice..
happy landing,

Renee in Georgia said...

I stumbled upon your blog about the time you moved to Ft Leavenworth and it brought back such wonderful memories. My dad was career army and we spent my junior year of high school at Ft Leavenworth. It was one of my best years (make that 10 months) and I have such great memories from there. That was many years ago and I know our quarters have long since been torn down. Anyway it's been nice following your blog and looking for anything familar in your photos. Good luck on the move....Texas was one place we never made it to.

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