Monday, June 7, 2010

How do you quilt 3D flying geese?

Good Morning!

Some of you may recall this quilt. I started it as soon as we moved into our apartment here in Ft Leavenworth. I didn't even have my fabric, or my Bernina sewing machines for that matter since al that was still in transit from Australia. I used my Nellie (she is a very old Necchi who sounds like a Machine Gun) and I made my first trip to the quilt shop in town and bought fabric for this quilt. I actually KNEW what I wanted to make and I planned this quilt. Each little goose is 3 dimensional. I really loved making this quilt. I was going to hand quilt the entire quilt because seriously how do you quilt 3D geese? Well, this quilt has been sitting by my little seat on the sofa for almost a year. I would work on it from time to time. I really do not watch much TV, so I have had very little just sitting and resting time to quilt it. I decided to sit and work on it the other day. It smelled funny. Really funny. And not in a funny way. I flipped it over and looked at it, but didn't see any stains on the back and my quick glance at the front didn't reveal anything.

Sam needed me for something, so I folded it back up, draped it over to the tall chair at my cutting table and didn't return to it until the next morning. When I woke up and came into my little sewing room to work on my day, I noticed what I thought was a dead rat on my quilt! Oh my goodness! What the heck is that? Maybe it is cat poop or a hairball? Dammit! I went and got my cleaning supplies to get the mystery off my magnum opus! Well, upon closer investigation it totally was not the cats fault. It was one of my children. I don't know which one. They hid some strawberries in one of the folds of the quilt...but they hid them so well they were forgotten. And then they rotted and molded.

SO now here I am with a pretty gross stained quilt. I am not going to waste my time hand quilting it anymore, I am just going to machine quilt it and have done with it and hope most of the staining comes out in the wash. Not only did the strawberries leave their tracks behind....the moisture from their decay made the blue in the batik stripe ooze. So, lots of mistakes in this puppy. But too much work to trash. It will be a utilitarian quilt. Maybe a picnic quilt?



Pat said...

Sorry to hear about the strawberry mishap~maybe the kids will be able to make a fort out of the quilt!

Rafael's Mum said...

Oh, that's horrible when that happens!! At least you now don't have to worry about it getting stained and you will see, it will be the most used, most favourite quilt ever! Still totally worth doing! You could maybe put an applique on of a big flying goose just over the stain? nobody will ever know (and we won't tell!) :-)

Lynn said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I had a finished quilt sitting in my sewing room. Someone left an Osage orange sitting on it. Then some fabric and UFO's got piled on. MUCH later I found the moldy Osage orange and a moldy stain that went all the way through the quilt. Luckily it was on a dark print so it is not so terribly noticeable.

I have no idea how I would quilt a 3D flying geese quilt.

jmbmommy said...

I groaned when I read about your quilt... but those are the breaks sometimes. Maybe it is so we won't think our creations are too precious to enjoy. I can't wait to see it!

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