Thursday, July 15, 2010

My sewing room

I have moved a bunch of times in my life. I really don't think I have ever counted, but when it comes time for a back ground check on me it is really really hard to remember everywhere I have lived. Throughout all the moves I have special things that I like to pack myself. Or if I do not actually pack the things I do hover above the packer and make sure that everything is going just the way it needs to go. This move was no exception. So far I am very happy that I was so attentive. I have found most of my things in relatively normal boxes and they were packed fairly well. At the moment I am still missing a bunch of sewing books, but they are bound to be with my cookbooks since they are MIA as well. So, shall I take you on a little tour of my sewing space? Over there is my little bookshelf. Like I said above I have a bunch of books that are unaccounted for, so they will go on the shelf below when we find them.

On top of the little book shelf is my IKEA green box filled with sewing treasures. My lovely thread is all easy to get to and un-tangled. I have more in the 2 middle drawers of the green box. That old green bowl is filled with my wonderful Australian beads....I still don't have a real use for them yet. I make myself a necklace or bracelet from time to time, but that is about it. They are too wonderful to do anything permanent with. I have a little broken Polish Pottery dish with thimbles.
Something I really love is to have my rulers hanging on a big nail. That way they are off the cutting table, but still in easy reach. My computer is not in my sewing room. I think I do too much Net surfing and blog reading when I could be sewing.

Above is some of my fabric. I thought I had purged really well before we moved, but I am sure I unpacked more fabric that I had accounted for. I am not complaining, but the closet upstairs is filled up as well. I better start making bags and quilts again so I can get rid of some!
Here is my little sewing spot. I wanted to try a fancy chair....but I don't know if it will stay here or not. I really don't do much relaxing while I am sewing, so a big velvet arm chair is a bit silly, but it looks nice for the now.
I have been sewing away for the past couple days and I will show you what I have been working on in a bit. The kids and I went to the pool yesterday and I got a tad more sun than I intended. I always have this dream of having a golden tan, but you would think in 34 years I would have learned that I just don't tan. Next time I will just bring some hand sewing and sit in the shade.
Have a great evening everyone!


America said...

That is so much nice space! I wish I could have met you before you moved...a friend of mine came to one of your classes and then she moved before we could get together to show me how to do a bag! Let me know when you are back up and running for orders!

Just-Do said...

what a wonderful room;. very inspiring

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