Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home again home again.....

Jiggity Jog!

So we are back home from visiting family in North Carolina. I must say that our visit sure makes me ready to set up my own nest here in Texas. Granted it will only be for 2 years....but I will still set up house.

The kiddos were GREAT travelers! I do have one of the best family vehicles ever (the great minivan....a regular living room on wheels!). We carried our own replacement fluids in the cooler with fruits, water and Bonnie Belle cheese. It was a very nice trip and we took an extra day on the return trip that we neglected on the way to NC ( I think we were attempting a land speed/distance record with minivan and family - How far can a family of 5 travel before stopping from exhaustion?). As we were crossing the country we decided that our favorite hotel was the Marriott Courtyard in Vicksburg, Mississippi. And I think our favorite town/city was Birmingham, Alabama. Great bakery (Edgar's bakery) beside the hotel we stayed in and very friendly other drivers who saw our Kansas plates and rolled down their windows to assist us in our journey.

My husband did the most driving. I had to really hustle if I wanted to get any driving time in. Of course as soon as I got behind the wheel the heavens would open up and pound us with rain.

While I was sitting in the passenger seat I did a ton of hand sewing and quilting. My little sewing kit came in so very handy! Gosh, I love it so much. I have been thinking of cleaning up the design (or just trying to follow I heart Linen's pattern) and making a couple for the shop...when I am ready to open it back up.

This is a shot of where I was sitting. My little quilt, and my sewing basket on the floor. I crocheted some wash clothes out of the hand dyed cotton I bought in town before our household goods arrived. I am sure that is not what the lady wanted me to do with the yarn, but it is all I know how to crochet.
I worked on the quilt off and on all during my little trip. I left Texas with 3 fat quarters and came home with a little wall hanging. In NC I would get up early and sit on my parents porch with the first cup of coffee of the day and stitch away while listening to the birds sing their little hearts out. Each strip of fabric was ripped....I hate it when people rip fabric, but after trying it myself I kinda like it. Talk about liberated quilting!
OK, the kids just put in Titanic...I better go watch. It has been years and years since I watched that movie. My friend Tiffany used to love it. I always think of her when I think of the Titanic. I also just barely began unpacking my sewing room....oh how fun it will be to set it up and return to sewing!


Stephanie said...

Love the pics of the kids in the car, reminds me of many years in the car traveling with kids. Now they are grown. Sewing in the car is one of my favorite pastimes too. I always look for hand work to do as well. I save it just for that time. Love the quilt you are working on. Steph

Tif said...

hahaha! how awesome that you remember! i've probably memorized the lines to that movie...
"I'll never let go. I'll never let go Jack!".

Glad you had a good vacay!! can't wait to see the wallhanging you made!

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