Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stanley McCrystal Curtis

Please let me introduce you to our new family member, Stanley. I have been yearning for a dog for the past 6 years....but something kept happening. Lately I have been haunting animal shelters looking for the perfect furry fellow. Well, here he is. He is an older lab - about 5 years old. He is fabulous and we saved him from death row. He walks like a dream on a leash, sits, shakes and is desperate to meet my cats (who want nothing to do with him). The kids have had him out on about 13 walks today in the steamy heat and he comes in to collapse only to return to the surface of the sun with his new charges. I have always read and heard what great dogs Labs are...I hope our honeymoon is permanent.
We always name our pets after Generals. I feel this Stanley McCrystal is similar to the other as in they were both saved from certain doom. The real Gen McCrystal had to try to win a land war in Afghanistan (never been done before) and this guy had to win over a likely family to take him home. I hope the real Gen McCrystal is buying a big wonderful Bass Boat....this guy is hanging with us.
***I am just a wife....I have nothing at all to do with military planning or war preparations or predictions for that matter. This is a craft blog. If you want my honest to goodness opinion I will happily share it with you. Just email me. I am a patriot to my core and there is nothing I love more than my country, family or military.


Kristy Perry said...

He's beautiful, Tia! Such a wonderful thing you've done. We rescued our dog a few months before my husband deployed, and he's been a wonderful source of comfort and joy to me. Congratulations!

Breezy Bree said...

aww he's lovely, makes me sad though. When I moved back to England I couldn't bring our black lab with me and left him with a family in Colorado. I still pine for him and its been four years. They would be about the same age.

The Army of Four said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He looks and sounds like a dream dog! :) Perfect name.
Please be careful in the heat. Dogs will keep pushing themselves and can suffer very serious injuries (even death). I linked to an article by one of our KSU vets on this post:
It has what to look for as per heat stress and what you can do to help your dog if you he has problems.
Not trying to be preach-y -- just trying to help!

omashee aka Barb said...

Welcome Stanley! I'm sure his name-sake would be proud. Thank you for adopting from the sheter. So many wonderful dogs (and cats)are there and need good homes. My black lab, Kelly, was a rescue also and the sweetest girl alive. They are sooo loving and great with kids. Now we have three and a cat (but then we've retired).

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