Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First day of school

Good morning. How are you all doing? It is so quiet in my house. Kinda funny how much noise 3 kids can make. Well, my noisy little kids are all off at school for the second day in a row! All 3! Even my little guy is at school for 8 hours, 5 days a week. So begins his submersion into life. Like a little bird...but the nest is waiting when they get home. For those of you who are curious....there is no school on base (besides the one for the little military fledglings) so my gang is going to a school down the road. I have had tons of meetings with the school and I think my group will be happy there. The are giving Emma tons of resources for her hearing issues, so that makes us all happy.

Here they all are yesterday before the bus arrived. For the most part they are all clean and ready to impress. Emma is the only one who wanted me to make her a bag, so her bag is fabulous. It deserves it's own post so I will get around to that eventually.

So you may wonder what I did for 8 hours all by myself yesterday? Well, I fiddled with a quilt layout. This one is my row 10 quilt. (Row 10 is my quilting bee on Flickr. I LOVE the ladies in that group) I wanted each one to make red and white crosses with little bits of aqua. I have yet to make my row, but I have too many other things to sew on first. Namely the rows for LauraJ and Anita. For this quilt I am just not sure if I should add a sashing between the rows. It is almost chaotic the way it is now ( I love the chaos mind you ) so I am wondering if a bit of sashing between the rows will settle it down a bit. And if I add a sashing, what color will it be? The possibilities here are endless.

I finally figured out how to make free form birds. I want to add some birds to LauraJ and Anita's rows, but birds are tricky. LauraJ helped me out with a great little graph paper tutorial. It worked like a charm I think!

Oh and I wondered around some of the antique stores in town looking for a Singer Featherweight, an old set of doors and a pair of antlers. I found the antlers and now I need to paint them and find some better fabric for the mounting thing. I plan on hanging my necklaces from the horns....it will look pretty fabulous I think when I am finito.

What am I going to do today? Well....I am going to get my hair trimmed and then Zumba! My sister have lost about a zillion pounds and looks like a superstar after her Zumba time and I want to firm myself up a bit. I have no rhythm, so if you are looking for me I will be in the back. But it looks like it is going to be fabulous!


LJ said...

Your children are sweet!
I'm glad my bird tutorial helped you! I love graph paper!! I buy it in the spiral books and that's how I design/sketch most of my quilts.
When is retreat day??

AllieKatMom said...

Great job with the birds. How was your relaxing quiet day?

calamity kim said...

My son is in college and I miss the school days so much! Emma's bag is SPECTACULAR!!!! Love the mermaid fabric! I bet all her friends will want one too!
I wondered about sashing my quilt too but it would just make it too big I think- try laying a piece of fabric down like aqua or gray and then put some rows on that and take a picture to see what it would look like with the sashing between. I love our Group too and will treasure my quilt (once it's finished someday!)
I have a featherweight that supposedly works- someone gave it to me and I have never tried to use it- when I get back I will plug it in and take some pictures- you can have it for the shipping costs if you want it- it's a beautiful looking machine in great shape. Do you want it to sew with or just display? Let me know- I should hopefully be home in a week or so-
in the meantime have fun and enjoy those hours of freedom!

Kristin L said...

Cute birds!! Nice antlers too. I hang my necklaces on a small set of antlers and it works great.

How about taupe sashing for the crosses?

Doodlebug + Friends said...

A thought about the cross quilt -

Sashing would be good. Doesn't look like you have much aqua on the quilt (I see mostly red), so how about white sashing with aqua corner posts?

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