Monday, August 30, 2010

first week back at school and I am at the sewing machine again!

Hey there yall!

So, how was you week last week? Mine was pretty busy. I guess I saved lots of things to do while the kids were in school and did them all last week. I got my hair cut. Not bad....easy and the fellow who did it really set the curl free. I love it when someone knows how to cut curly hair.

I have been working hard of bags, so this week I will be sending out my first real batch of Camp Follower bags and Hero bags. I sure can get a ton done when I am in my zone. So, be sure to check your spam folder, I very well may have sent you an email with a question or two.

My across the street neighbor brought us some roasted Hatch Chillies and we have been eating them in everything.

That is about it.

Tomorrow I am going to do a quickie tutorial on houses for the quilt along. So, go dig your fabric out.



Stephanie said...

Tia, I am a hot pepper lover but I have to tell you that I have never heard of Hatch Chillies. What are they used for and how hot are they?

Have fun sewing and getting to work! Love your blog, Steph

the Campfollower said...

Hey there Steph!

Hatch chilies are Aneheim chilies (long green ones some restraunts use for chili reanos) but the Hatch chilies are special since they are grown in Hatch, New Mexico where they have a massive chili festival in the fall. They are roasted in big fire drums and they are amazing. They come in varying heat, yesterday we tried the mild and they were mild...but definately had some bite. Today we are bumping it up to the hot. You have to peal their out side skin away from the flesh before using them. We made omlets in the morning and added them to our bean pot for dinner. I am going to make a chicken chile stew this evening. Yummm.

You know how you get to met people from everywhere in the military and their habits become your own? Well, the Smiths are from New Mexico. And I am so happy they are my neighbors!

AllieKatMom said...

Sounds like you are adapting to Texas very well with your yall and Chillies :)
I sooo want a bag, just need to ok it with the hubby before hand. Oh and I love the new haircut!

silversmith said...

i love hatch chiles! i buy them at HEB or central market here in houston. their hatch enchilada sauce is really yummy.

fyi...mailed off my remaining DCU parts to you last week for our bags. you should see it soon.

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