Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jody's Stu Tote

Good Morning! I sure hope you are all doing well. We are pretty good. So, this is the first Stu Tote ever made in San Angelo! Woo Hoo!!!! I am back at it. Well, not full time because school does not begin for another week, but then I will really begin cranking them out.

So, Let us talk about this one. I made this one for my wonderful friend Jody. Her husband is, in my mind, CPT America and she is the Army wife we all aspire to be. They are a great Army family....they should be on a poster. Well....time has passed and he is now LTC America instead of CPT America. Way to go Matt! Jody is a tiny Nordic looking lady, so I always think Norway when I think of her....I don't know why, but I do. She said to do whatever I wanted to with her bag, so when I saw this Amy Butler print from her LOVE collection, I put it aside for Jody. It looks very Scandinavian to me.

Jody is tiny and her husband is great big, so I removed the center part of the top to make the bag a bit smaller than it would have been. I really like making the button closure things....kinda like making a teeny tiny quilt.

The body of the bag is quilted with a lovely variegated blue cotton named Aswan. I love the sides of her bag. I made them stripy mainly because I could not decide on just one fabric for them when so many looked good. His combat patch is sewn down and his unit patch is Velcro so it can be changed out as he changes jobs. I hope you get to keep him at home a bit Jody.

I made her a little zippy pouch too. I like making zipper pouches. I tried a new technique to making them.
Great little tutorial for zipper pouches....if you are wanting to give them a go. I made some changes of course....I blocked off the corners so it can kinda sit up a bit and make a fat little bottom. The other side of the pouch has the little pen pocket on it. I hate having to search and search for a pen.
So, here is her little set all pretty and ready to be used. I really need to make myself a new one. The Stu I have is about 5 years old. Ahh, there is no rush on that. I have heaps of time.
Have a great weekend! Stu and I are having a date tonight. I can't wait. While I adore my 3 kiddos, I really love having some couple time with him. I think we are going to go see a movie. Have any of you seen any good ones lately? The kids and I went to see Toy Story yesterday since it was about a zillion degrees outside. Sweltering hot and humid. Anyway it was so so so good. I really liked the other 2 toy story movies, so I really didn't want to deal with disappointment, ya know what I mean? But it was wonderful. Emma and I cried and we laughed our heads off the boys thought it was pretty funny, but they didn't understand the whole crying bit.
OK, I am off to sew some more! I have a Marine Stu to work on. I don't think I have made a Marine Stu before.

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AllieKatMom said...

Love them! I really need a bag made from my old uniform so when you are back at it let me know :)

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