Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Darling Dresden Plate or Breakfast in Bed

So, this is my latest in finished projects. I have taken forever to bind it because I am just not sure about what to do with the finished quilt. I really like it....but I have a quilt retreat to fund for myself. Ya know what I mean? I haven't been taking many orders and we are in a recession....bla bla bla....At any rate I love this quilt. Last year I had some sort of crazy madness overtake me and I bought fat quarters and little charm packs of "vintage bedsheets". Yep...some dear soul went to goodwill and bought a bunch of old sheets (from the 70s and 80s - you know those sheets with the tremendous flowers all over them?) they she cut them up and sold them....and I bought them! That goes to show that I am one of those suckers that will buy just about anything. I had them sitting in my sewing room for almost a year. They were so pretty, and I wanted to use them, but I just didn't know WHAT to do with them. Then Sew Mama Sew had their quilt month ( I think every month should be quilt month! ) and O'Fransson did a tutorial on how to make a Dresden Plate block. SO VERY VERY EASY!!!!!! I didn't even think! I just began cutting into my old sheets.

The little flowery blocks ended up being kinda washed out, so I needed to liven it up a bit with some background, so I snatched up some of my most awesome Nani Iro Double Gauze in a lovely charcoal and made it be the back. Oh it looked so nice, but I didn't want to make a bunch of blocks that dark, so I decided to alternate the background blocks with a nice linen. While I was making the quilt I moved here to Texas and some lucky folks got to go the the quilt show and came home with NOT EVEN YET RELEASED charm packs from Moda! One of the collections was Dream On. I wanted that damn charm pack so bad I couldn't stand it. So....I found one, or I found a lady who was happy to part with hers (for $8). I decided some of that charm pack was going in my quilt! So I made a block with just that fabric. I am sure you can pick out. I also added a bit of Heather Ross...because I think her fabric looks great in most quilts.

I love a binding....I once again cut into my double gauze and hand stitched with lime perle cotton. I did most of it at the pool. Such a great place to sew.

Before I bound it I quilted it. I quilted the hell out of this quilt. And I love it. Maybe I will end up keeping it after all...but seriously how many quilts do you need? All my kids have about 5 Stu and I have 3 on our bed, but it is so hot here they are always kicked off by morning. The dog has some since he can't seem to understand he does not get to sit on the sofa.....Ah...what to do? What to do with my lovely Dresden plate?

For now it is folded up in my fabric closet until I really decide what to do with it.
I will be doing a little CRASH COURSE into Liberated piecing for my mom this week. Please feel free to join us. I am going to be using mostly solid fabrics. I like solids.


Breezy Bree said...

I can see why you wouldn't want to part with it, the quilt is beautiful.

Brenda said...

I have many plates sewn together, but I've fallen down in getting them onto backings and into a quilt. thanks for the inspiration!

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