Thursday, September 30, 2010

Army living and fat sacks

Hey there everyone!

How are you doing? We are good. I have spent the last couple days trying to get someone to write my middle son a prescription for antibiotics to clear up the gross impetigo on his face. Finally after waiting in a civilian mediclinic for 5 hours and then going to the clinic on post to pick up the prescription we have our Augmentin. Sometimes I really wish I could write my own prescriptions. But don't we all?

Many of you know that we are living on an Air Force Base, right? Well, the big thing now with military housing it is all intermingled. PFCs live right beside LTCs. I am not going to get up on my soap box about it because no one really cares what I think, but we were quite apprehensive about moving in due to some of the stories we had heard.

Well, we really lucked out. Our neighbors are 2 great Marine families. We totally love them both. I am of course older then them by about 10 years, but that is cool. What is also cool is that since they are marines and we are Army we really don't need to fuss too much about fraternization. If I am out on the porch in the evening having a glass of wine while dinner cooks and the kids are out playing, I love it when they come over.

So last week we were out by the fire pit thing and we were talking and one of the wives mentioned that I make bags from uniforms. I really do try to keep a pretty low profile about my sewing. When we were in FT Hood total strangers would stop by the house and want me to sew for them. It really begun to freak me out and since my husband was in Iraq I decided it was a pretty bad idea for obvious reasons. Also so many ladies make bags these days, I don't feel it is appropriate to bray about myself and my sewing. Only here can I bray away. Heee Hawwwww

So while I was chatting I noticed one of the Marines dashed off back to his house. I didn't think much of it, but then when I saw him marching back up the sidewalk I couldn't help laughing! He was wearing his giant A-Bag on his back and it was packed jammed with his old Marine uniforms for me to cut up.

 I have a ton of spare part pieces but I don't get a bunch to just experiment on. I have about 200 different bags designs in my mind, but I don't always have the time to stitch them up into sample pieces, nor do I feel like adding them to my website. I feel I already have too many styles to choose from (but that is just between you and me).

So yesterday while I was futzing around between doctor appointments and waiting to hear back from ladies I had emailed I took out one of Sam's tops and cut it up and before I knew it I had this little bag done. Cute, huh? Not  my best work, but cute. I gave it to her last night. She can re gift it to a family member at Christmas if she wants to.

I really like the buttons on the front. Anyway....there you go. A snapshot into my week. Oh I also took my cats to the vet. I always think it is funny and kinda pathetic that there is diet cat food at the grocery store. What a fortunate country we live in that even our cats are fat. Ike and Ellie needed their rabies shots so they can get their hair shaved ( I really like to ask to have my pussy shaved and then present big Ike for his beauty appointment. In my mind I am laughing my head off) So the little vet was examining Ellie (the grey female. For those of you who don't know her, she is the most friendly cat around. She may very well have brain damage... or maybe she just takes after me. Who knows?) and told me she is overweight and has "fat sacks" and not only that but I need to start brushing her teeth. Seriously? How many of you brush your cats teeth? Well, I brought home a sample of chicken flavored tooth paste and told my husband that was his job....and we need to cut back on the cats carbs....they are developing fat sacks. I was waiting for the vet to recommend an exercises regime for them. But what I was getting to is that I am now one of those people who have to by special fat cat food. This is a much better story if I tell it in stop by and I will tell you about my cats fat sacks. You have to remind me because I may forget.

OK, enough blogging for the day. Have a great afternoon!

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Francy said...

I brush the cats and the dogs teeth. they love the malt flavor paste! so far the animals are the correct weight for their their human is another story ;o)

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