Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Sunday

 My sewing room is a disaster of creativity, but at least the cat can find some peace among the chaos.I need to take proper pictures, but this week and this week end have been so busy I can't believe that it will be the 15th of November tomorrow. My birthday is in a couple days. I will be 35. I don't feel like I am 35, but I guess I am. I feel much much younger. At least 23.

 It is getting more chilly here each day. The tumble weeds in the back field have dried out and it is lots of fun to drag them out and have tumble weed races. This is the only real time the constant wind can be relied on.

 Yesterday we went to another Veterans' Day Parade in Menard, TX.  It was a nice little road trip, and I took some pictures along the way so my family can see where I live. It is flat and there is tons of wide open spaces. To me it is very similar to Australia, but Australia had really amazing birds, and wild red mountains.

 We did pass the Garden of Eden, so if you are looking for it, I know where it is. There is a deer processing shop right down the road where they specialize in custom slaughtering. Which is really quite shocking to read on a sign. My eyes saw brain read the message, but it took a moment to I didn't get a picture, and my husband refused to turn back.

 Here are some of the young soldiers in my husbands BTN. They look quite smart, I think. The American Legion invited us all over for a big BBQ after the parade and I loved the sausage they served. The grill master got a funny twinkle in his eye when I asked what it was made from and he tried to shock me by telling me that is was wild hog. That is fine. Wild hogs taste pretty good. I was even invited to come hunting...and I may take the gentlemen up on it. According to my neighbors a wild turkey is a wonderful thing. The ladies outdid themselves with salads, beans and the most wonderful cobblers. Some of the families in Menard have been there since the early 1800s. I find that fascinating. I move every 2 years. Can you imagine having your entire family live in one place for 200 years?

 More flat west Texas countryside. I see quilts when I see wide open space like this. Do you?

 This is a cotton filed. There are miles and miles of cotton fields around here. I do believe they are part of the misery I have been enduring with my poor sinuses. Mine, my husbands, and all 3 kids. They thing about me and benedryl is that when I take it, I can indeed breathe, but I can not keep my eyes open.

 I thought this barn thing was wonderful all filled to bursting with cotton awaiting processing.

I did do a tad of selfish sewing today. I call it selfish because I have a LOOOOOONG list of sewing I need to be working on, but these fellows absolutely HAD to get out of my mind. I saw that Amanda was working on one and I just fell in love. It lead to me researching Charley Harper and just becoming totally fascinated with his critters. Amanda appliqued hers, but I didn't want to invest that amount of time for an idea I had, so I dug through my wool felt basket and pulled out some likely colors. One of my favorite North American birds is the Cardinal ( you know that if you blow a kiss to one, he will carry it to your truelove? the poor birds around my moms house had to do alot of flying to and from Iraq). And Australia is FULL of stunning birds, but these Fairywrens always made me smile like a fool whenever I could spot them hopping around in the brush. I quilted the white linen to look like notebook paper and made a couple notes on the paper about the birds. I envision these being little wall quilts. If I get them finished I will add them to the loot I am bring to the craft show this weekend. I am quite nervous. I haven't done a craft show in ages.

OK, have a great evening.



Emma said...

The birds on 'paper' are terrific - in fact I couldn't make up my mind whether they were somehow actually on paper or not until I finished readig!

Brenda said...

those birds on foolscap are great. did you do the writing in free motion? wow!

the Campfollower said...

Thanks so much ladies! I did indeed do the writing with free motion. My quilting hand writing is better than my real on paper handwriting. Crazy Huh?

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

I take loradidine(sp?) or claritin or alle-clear (costco brand)
my mom and step son take aller-tec or zirtec....

both are super cheap and are 24 hour pills that just knock it back ...

I can't drive on Benedryl - woozy!

Im lovin' the birds...

Hoola Tallulah said...

OMG I thought tumbleweed was the stuff of cartoons, I didn't know it actually really existed, now I feel like a complete plonker but also madly curious to see and touch one of these things, they looks fascinating, like giant sculpture from nature, I want one!
Also, your cardinals are so so beautiful, what a superb idea, I love it, especially the notebook lines, they are such a quirky and awesome touch. Best of luck at the craft fair! <3

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