Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Little Black Dress....well soon to be my little black dress.

 Hey there! So, I have a finish to show! Despite the vomit and watery bowels my dwelling has been plagued with (even Stanley got sick) I was able to find some time to hide myself away and sew while the gang was sleeping. Funny...I really didn't get ill. And I was hoping for a nice stomach virus to loose a quick 5 pounds. Oh well. OK, after that bit of too much information, let's talk about the little tote bag above. Months ago I discovered the LBD project over on Uniform Project. I was just fascinated. I am not much of a clothes horse, I wear the same jeans over and over...or a skirt when the weather is warm. You probably won't catch me dead in a pair of shorts. Well, like so many women before me the elusive Little Black Dress has been something I have had my eye peeled for for some time. I really liked the cut and style of the dress they featured on Project uniform and I thought is was wonderful how they changed up the look so well. Well, being the pinch penny that I sometimes am I didn't want to spend $140 on the dress, but I saw they had a pattern! Well I bought it instantly and really didn't read the information about when it would be shipped.  It is a pattern hard can it be to send out a pattern? Well, come to find out the patterns had not even gone to the pattern maker to be printed out. So I waited a really long time to get it. Apparently they had trouble getting Simplicity to print the patterns. In the end they went with another printer and it arrived in my mail box on Monday. But it was so big that it arrived in a tote bag. How wonderful! I am not much of a pattern follower (something about me blowing off rules? could be...) so I was thrilled when they sent me an email saying they were having a little sew along on their blog. YAY!!!! Since my mom is not near by to help me cut out my dress....I can have someone else to follow along with. Obviously it would be way better if you were here, mom. My friends always look at me like I am a lunatic when I admit not to being able to read a pattern... too many instructions just confuse me.

On to bags!!!! OK, I finished Michelle's order. As usual I am thrilled with how it turned out.

This bag has a zillion pockets. I hope her favorite lippy doesn't get lost inside. I have to keep one pocket (in my own purses) dedicated to my lipsticks otherwise I just can't find them. Oh, another funny thing about this ACU Stu was the uniform. I have made heaps of bags from ACUs, but every once in a while I receive one that is really strange fabric. It is like the Flight Suits, to the touch, but not flame retardant. My scissors can't cut it. Seriously. The thread the uniform is stitched together with is 3 times as thick as the normal ACU. I have to cut these uniforms entirely with my rotary cutter. Which can be tricky.

So, have a great weekend. We are on our way to a Veteran's Day Parade. Then we are going to make a stuffed pumpkin. Delicious. Maybe I will get some sewing in today.....I love sewing.


AllieKatMom said...

I love all the pockets!!
Cant wait to see the dress either. I dont normally follow patterns either. I always just glance at the pictures and then put it together. I guess thats why I am so good at using my seem ripper. lol
Happy Veterans Day :)

Hoola Tallulah said...

Oooh how exciting, can't wait to see the dress complete, and those bags rock so hard <3

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