Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Christmas bags are on their way....ho ho ho

Hey there folks!

I hope you are all feeling great this last week before Christmas. I have all my Christmas bag out on their way to their new mama's (with the exception of one that I need to finish tomorrow). I can now change focus a bit and make my nephew a doll and finish up some things for my mom and sisters. Even my dad is getting something handmade by me this year! After the last week I had I am stunned that I accomplished my goals. I guess I should get steroid shots more often. I can be a steroided out quilter, with massive fingers and a huge hump back from hunching over my sewing machine all day. Pretty vision, isn't it?

I just want to let those of you know who were following along with the quilt a long, I have not forgotten you! No way. We are going to do birds, stars, trees and something else...I can't remember right now since it is late. But don't worry, we will still make our quilt!

One more thing, Fat Quarterly featured my on their blog today. How cool is that? If you have not checked out their e-zine it is incredible. You can read about me here if you like. Oh and by the way, that is not me in the picture. It is a friend of mine modeling the bags she is picking up (well it was when we lived in Kansas, this time last year).

Take care all and don't get too wrapped up in the Hustle and bustle of this time of year. Take it easy some if you can.




Rachaeldaisy said...

You're bags are so special! and amazing!! They all have so much personality.

Hoola Tallulah said...

Your bags always make me drool like a bitch on heat, you rock so hard! Glad you're feeling better!

Erin said...

Hey Tia, I just got my bag from my boyfriend’s mother as a Christmas present and it is beautiful! I just wanted to say thank you to you for such a great job that you did with my bag and with all the work that you have done, looking through your work you are a talented lady! Thank you so much again, as one silent rank to another, and as a quilter I hope that you and your family have a great holiday season and stay safe all year long!

the Campfollower said...

Hi there Erin! I am so happy you like your bag. I hope you carry it in Health and happiness. Melissa was great to work with.


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