Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Boxing Day

 Hey there! How are you all doing? We are good. We had a very nice and quiet Christmas. I spoke with my family back in North Carolina and they sounded so very wonderful. I do miss you guys. While they made a big turkey, I made a pork roast with fennel and apples. As the pork cooked the apples transformed into applesauce and had the most mild flavor of fennel. It was just great.

The kids are happily playing with their little toys and I am figuring out the ins and outs of my new computer. Yep, Santa delivered a new on to me. It is pretty awesome. And as it is a desktop the screen is massive. Emma has my other one. She has wanted a computer for eons. We have it all locked down with parental settings, but she is thrilled.

I am also sewing away in my little sewing studio. I am working on my Flea Market Fancy quilt. I have been wanting to get back to it forever, but I have had too many sewing obligations to meet first. I am taking a bit of a sewing vacation at the moment and working on my UFOs. I find working on my own things so very inspiring for my paid work. We need some together Big Bernina and me.

I have really really exciting news...regarding a new machine coming my way, but I will introduce her after she arrives. She is so very special and I am expecting such big things from her.

Have a lovely holiday, folks and happy stitching if you get the chance....I may go up and change out of my bathrobe eventually.



Rafael's Mum said...

Looking good on the door! Glad you are having a great day. Hope the rest of the holidays are as good !

LJ said...

oh oh oh I'm freaking out here! You're getting a long arm!!! SNOOPY HAPPY DANCING!!

the Campfollower said...

Thanks ladies!

I am shall not confirm or deny your guess, LJ....I shall reveal the surprise probably next week after she arrives and settles in.

ROZ said...

Right, Happy Boxing Day! I used to live in Canada, and every store was closed on Boxing Day. And we never cared why. Wonderful hexagons

Tif said...

omg!!!! it's gonna be a longarrm!!!!!!!!!! eeep! can't wait to meet her!!

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