Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kennedy's Amber bag

 Hey there folks, How are you doing with your countdown to Christmas? I am burning the midnight oil to get my Christmas order out and sew the gifts for my own family. Ahh....Holidays.

So, shall we take a peek at this little bag? It is an Amber Bag. I make it out of the uniform top. It is a nice size and all the pockets are fully functional. I left the zipper and Velcro on this side because I like how it looks. It is quilted with a verigated pink and brown cotton thread that was just perfect with Amy Butler's Lotus (the fabric that Malinda selected).

The flower can be taken off as it is stuck on by a big Velcro dot. I was quite pleased by this feature, so I showed it to my husband when he got home from work and he snatched it off and threw it onto the living room sofa. He announced that I had created a quilted Chinese throwing star.  I never thought about making quilted weapons before, but what the heck. Malinda, I wouldn't reccomend trying to defend yourself with your flower accent, I don't think it would buy you much time to retreat. But maybe the element of surprise will work in your favor.

 I like the closure too. It is another one that I have used a magnetic snap on. The magnets are super strong.

 The inside is pretty too. I thought I had used all of my Olive lacework, but here it is. I have so very much Amy Butler. I bought some of her newest line "Soul Blossom" and I totally LOVE it. Stunning detail. I will show you in another post if you like. I haven't bought fabric in months and months so it was kinda a big deal for me.

Here is the back of the bag.

Have a lovely weekend. I will be sewing.


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