Thursday, December 9, 2010

Harpster Order

 Good Morning everyone! How have you been? I am just coming up for a quick breath of air before I submerge myself back in my sewing room to finish up a bunch of orders. I have been busy busy busy, but I bet you all have been too!

So, this is one of my latest bag orders. I mailed it out last week, so it should be in the hot little hands of it's new owner. Amanda wanted to have her bags with pinks, blues, brights and vivid. She wanted me to do whatever I wanted, the only stipulation was no florals. No problem, or so I thought. I really have a bunch of florals! Well, I sent some fabric combos to her and she really liked the Kaffe Fassett. SO that is what I went with. Now the thing about Kaffe Fassett is that his fabric can be a touch overwhelming. It is insanely bright and saturated. I like his fabric and I have a great deal of it, but I get scared to use is just too much sometimes. Well, the good thing about the gray of the ACU is that is really tones down everything else around it. It is almost like a color vacuum, or a bit of white paint. I combined some of the fuchsia that I hand dyed, a periwinkle freckle and another Kaffe print. I love how her order turned out. It is totally colorful without being obnoxious. This is yet another order I would have happily kept for myself.

So, shall we take a peek at some of the details? I do love details.

 This is the Molly Purse she ordered. It is a bit deeper so I could utilize the lower leg pocket on the back, and I used a magnetic snap to secure the bag in lieu of a button. I go back and forth on buttons and magnetic snaps. I should give you ladies the option to choose for yourself, but I forget about it and when I need to make the decision I just go for whatever I think will look better. I kept the rank on this bag as Velcro so It can be changed out as her husband is promoted. It is quilted with my favorite turquoise variegated cotton thread.

 Here is one side of the zippy wallet she wanted. I have zippy bags all over my house. So many in fact that I have a challenge finding things because they are hidden away in pretty little bags. I think my husband has even taken some and put them in his office to hide his things from himself.

Each of Amanda's bags has their initials quilted into them. So they are kinda sweet.

 Here is the other side of the bag. I actually taught a class on this zipper bag a couple weeks ago. I am teaching classes at Wool and Cotton from time to time. This was the first one. We are going to have several next if you are in the area just give me a shout and I can send you a schedule.

 Here is the Stu tote. I went a bit nuts on doing small scale piecing for this bag. The closure is heavily quilted as is the inside pocket panel. There are little surprises all over this bag.

 I think the inside is great....I broke up the pink interior by piecing narrow strips of fabric. I didn't want Amanda to go cross-eyed when she looks in her bag too much, but I did want it to bring a smile to her face.

And the sides of the bag are little log cabins. Aren't they cute? The best shot of the true colors are up with the zipper bag. In the Stu shots the colors are a bit washed out. My camera is about to die I think....poor thing.

So, I hope you are all having a great run up to Christmas! I shall be here sewing if you need me.


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Linda said...

Great job! I really wish I had your talent! Loving the colors & style!!
Happy Sewing & Happy Living!! :)

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