Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grafton Set

 So, I am back to making my bags! Most of the orders I have over there on the sidebar are going to be quite custom, so they will require much mental dancing, but this one was quite cut and dry. And cut and dry is easy peasy. I do love this set. Sarah came over to the house and we had a great time picking out fabric. I am sure she thought I was a nut job because I kept pulling stacks of fabric to plop before her so she could choose combinations...and my kids were running in and out of the dwelling like wild animals and the dog was trying to become best friends. Maybe some day I will have a fancy little sewing studio off site with a coffee shop in the back, but for now I have the room in the back of the house all to myself.

 So, this bag is made with the new Air Force uniform and some really wonderful Echino Fabric that is a lovely linen and cotton blend. I quilted the bag with a variegated pink thread that shows up much better in real life than in the pictures here.

 I like the pocket and the inside of the bag. It will look quite pretty inside out if Sarah wants to carry it like that.
 Now, I am especially thrilled with this pocket clutch. It has reverse applique and hand quilting as well as my normal swirly free motion quilting.

Ah, I love it. I hate to see it go, but it is on to better things! Carry your bags in health and happiness, Sarah!

Have a great day folks!

Tia Curtis

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