Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hey there!

 Good Morning!I hope you are all doing well.We are good here in West Texas. I will be doing a book review for Amy Barickman's newest book Vintage Notions later this week and She generously gave me a book to give away to one of you fine readers and a whole bunch of patterns. So, that is pretty awesome, right? While I was outside reading on Saturday the rest of my family was flying kites. Good thing to do a lovely day.

I am back to making bags! Yahoo. Who knew I was going to end up taking that much time to get back in the swing of sewing? Well, it feels good to be back, that is for sure.

Do any of you have Netflix? We really like it. Lately we have seen some pretty good flicks. Last night I watched Brothers. It is about a Marine Captain who is held as a POW in Afghanistan but his family thinks he is dead. When I was growing up my dad refused to watch movies about Vietnam, I now see why. Do the makers of movies not go do research on what it is like to be a military family? Now, maybe, I didn't like the movie because I think Natalie Portman is too emotionless. Oh well, we did think Spiderman made a much better crazy Marine than he did a good spiderman. Alright, that is my deep thought of the morning. Not that deep, huh?

One more thing before I put together my next blog post, the Blogger's Block-Palooza has begun! The first block is up over on Quilt Dad's blog and Tomorrow Oh Fransson will be doing her block. So,if you want to play along, go get going! I am going to play along too....I just need to figure out what fabric I am going to use. There are going to be lots of Flying Geese in the quilt, so I think I may use some of my lovely French General fabric. Who knows what will happen?

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omashee aka Barb said...

Soooo... Tia, are you announcing the book give-away or are you just teasing here? I'd love to win!

Where'd you find your stitching mojo? Bet it was on vacation with mine! I want mine back.

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