Friday, January 21, 2011

My Row 10 quilt is ALMOST finished!

 Hey there! How are you all doing? We are doing OK here. Despite the sun and fairly pretty weather Sam (my little guy) has been under the weather. I feel like I am 8 weeks pregnant (I am NOT, mom! Don't worry. That shop is closed and I doubt the good Lord would choose me to mother the second coming via immaculate conception.) I must just have some sort of bug. I am sure it will pass. Ya get it? Anyway...My sewing machine has been acting very naughty too. The thread kept breaking, so I decided to put the bags aside and sort out the drama myself on this quilt. Well...after about a week of pulling my hair out I finally dug out my user manual and low and behold after following the simple steps I was able to find a 4 inch piece of rogue was covered in lint and just a vile creature. Now my sewing machine sews like a dream again. Happy day.
 Here is Mr Sick and his buddy. We hung out at the house today. He is a great helper when he is sick. We made cookies, bread and a big pot of heirloom beans. We read a couple books and he drew while I worked on my Row 10 quilt. I got all the quilting finished today

 And I trimmed it up. I had to use the dining room table since the one in my sewing studio is too cluttered with bags and fabric stacks. For my month last year I requested red crosses with white, cream and tiny pops of aqua. Here are some more close up shots....

 Here is the back...very simple 200 thread count muslin. I love the 200tc muslin because of the swishy sound it makes. Isn't that silly? But it is true
Here is most of the top...I cut off the bottom and corners with the camera, but I will show a better picture after I have the binding on and finished. I think I am going to bind it with either white or black and hand stitch it with aqua.

Now, February is my month with my row 10 group (or Bee FF as our new name is) and I have put much more thought on what I want my blocks to be. I will even be sending out fabric...crazy huh? 

One more thing...I am getting many emails from women who have lost their sons in Iraq and Afghanistan. So many in fact that I need to figure out how I am going to sew for all of you. So, if you have emailed me I am trying to come up with a battle plan before I respond. I am not ignoring you, I promise. My heart aches for you.

OK, have a lovely evening!


LJ said...

That is one fabulous quilt and I love love love how you quilted it! It just works!!
As for Bee FF I hope you sent out my fabric already; seeing as how slow the Canadian postal system is you may not get my blocks until February of next year! ;) I kid.

I'm sad too hearing of the mothers and family members who've lost their sons. I'm curious are they requesting quilts from you or bags? If it's quilts do you think some kind of block program could be started to help you out? (Along the lines of the Bush Fire project you did.)

the Campfollower said...

Hey there LauraJ. SO very good to hear from you.

The ladies are interested in a bag or a quilt...I am not really sure what website I am being discussed on, so I don't know what has been offered. Ya Know? As far as the quilts go, in the past I have made them from the arms of the uniforms so the daddies can still hold their children in the form of a quilt. It is sad as it can be and really heart wrenching work, but I know they will be loved so I carry on, right? But the numbers of emails I am getting it is too hard to triage the,. Does that make sense? I don't want to appear cold and heartless.

silversmith said...

goodness... i don't know what site either, but it has to feel good on a level that the families think of you for a source of comfort. being a military spouse myself, i would be honored to help make blocks for a hero quilt. just let me know - although not too soon so i can recover more from my shoulder surgery.

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