Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rodeo Weekend

 Good Morning! How are you all this fine Tuesday? We are good. My sister came for a visit over the weekend. I think I am still hoarse from talking so much. We had such a great time. The highlight was going to the San Angelo Rodeo. I didn't know I liked Rodeos so much. But WOW. That is a whole sub-culture isn't it? It is awesome. See, I want goats and a sheep...and chooks for sure.
 But I believe I am going to add this creature to my list. I think it is an Alpaca (I could be totally wrong. I had a hell of a time telling the difference between the sheep and goats in the show arena). So soft and such expressive brown eyes.

 Emma would like to have a pig or 2 on our fantasy farm.

 This is where I had so much trouble in animal identification. The goats and sheep all had special haircuts, so they all looked exactly the same and then they were wearing little salon jackets and muzzles. They were so cute. I am pretty sure we weren't supposed to be where we were, but everyone was very nice and guided around us and let us pet their creatures. Some even helped us tell the difference between the sheep and goats. Every other goat I have ever seen has had freaky vertical pupils, but all the pupils in these animals were round...maybe it was because we were indoors. Today is pig day at the stock show and I want to go back!

 This is the ONLY picture I took inside. I was so busy being amazed by the cowboys and cowgirls that I shoved my camera in my bag and had Sam on my lap so he could see everything. My sister and I decided that the programs should show closeups of the participants so we can know what they look like. They were just amazing.
 I liked this goats outfit...he is wearing an ACU...I think it is a re-purposed duffel bag, but I could be wrong. I am not up on goat fashions. Maybe there is a big market for goat apparel. Some goats were wearing spandex, I didn't take their pictures, I figured they were embarrassed enough.

We had such a great time.
 Here are Laura and I and Stanley and my sleepy little winter garden.
And then the visit was over and I was driving her back to the Airport. Someday I will live closer to my family. But for now home is where the Army says it is. The only time I turned on my sewing machine was when I mended my sisters bluejeans. I think I may have forgotten how to operate my sweet Bernina. I will be sewing the rest of the week! Well....I will be sewing on the days that I don't have appointments or memorial services. So I guess that means today...I will be sewing today!

Have a wonderful day.


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Kristin L said...

The goat fashions crack me up!!

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