Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend adventure

 Hey there folks! How are you doing? We are good. We had a pretty good weekend. We went to the San Angelo State park and found the dinosaur footprints.  The picture above is of me...hi. My littliest fellow, Sam, Wanted to take a picture of me for him to have at school. Sweet, huh? Well, that is me and my gums. I always have this odd giant smile so everyone can see my gums. Good thing they are nice and healthy, huh?

 When we first arrived at the State Park, we went in through the South entrance. And encountered what was once a great big lake. Due the the severe drought, it is just a fraction of what it once was. We drove all the way down into the lake bed and got out to walk around. The kids had a great time finding lake stones and sea shells. There were also many gigantic dead fish...or the corpses of some very large fish. I should have stuck my foot in the frame so you could understand the scale.

 I guess this is the skeleton of a bass. It was really big whatever it was.

 These funny birds look like pelicans, but they sure are a long way from the sea. Poor things, their lake is shrinking around them.

 We tried to let Stanley swim...but it was all mud, so he gave up.

 I was afraid Stu or I were going to have to wade out and rescue him as he lurched towards his ball through the mud.
 Emma and Sam looking for shells. They all found handfuls.
 This was a gigantic catfish. So very big....about 15 inches across the top of his head. But quite dead.

 We finally found the trail to go out to the dinosaur footprints. The park ranger said it was just on the other side of the footbridge, but I think he really ment about 2.5 miles on the other side of the foot bridge. We finally found it and a water fountain...Stanley hopped in the horse trough.

 This is one of the bigger foot prints...yeah just looks like recessions in a river bed. I know, but some archeologist/paleontologist said it was dinosaur footprints. Makes for a good story.

 This might be a better shot of the foot any rate I think 300 million years ago was the last time there was water in the river bed. Gosh it was dry!

So what does one do on a weekend when the winds are about 50 miles an hour? Why start a quilt! Our wonderful friends (Dave and Ivey) were just blessed with a son so I am making them a quilt. I guess I was taking too long to get to it, so my husband began cutting my fabric for me in strips. That was pretty nice, huh? It is going to be a pretty simple log cabin with all my favorite blues. I am also working on 4 bags so there will be more bag pictures up soon.

Have a great evening!


Jennifer said...

ooohhh all that blue. I covet it!

The Army of Four said...

Love the K-State t-shirt! LOL!!!

Hoola Tallulah said...

that's such a sweet photo of you, I have a gummy smile too!
Sounds like you had an awesome time checking at the park checking out the dino footprints, those big fish skeletons look amazing, never seen anything like that before!

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