Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some free piecing

 Hey there folks. We went to the neurologist yesterday and got pretty good news, well sorta good husband needs to have his lumbar vertebrae fused. Did you know that you can go around for years with your back broken and not really know about it? Well, apparently you can. Or at least my husband can. The man continues to stun me. I would be curled up in bed sobbing, but not him. That could be one of the reasons I selected him to be my mate. Anyway, we await a few more consultations and then decide when to have the procedure.

My little sister is coming for a short visit tomorrow, so my house is all nice and clean. Doesn't that feel great? Clean house and all the kids off learning at school and the cats laying the the sun and the happy lab curled around your feet? And that tiny ray of hope provided by good medical care. Ah, what a blessing. So, with a deep breath and a prayer of thanks we carry on.

 What do you do when you have some quiet time to do random piecing? Well, I made a house block for Sarah and Molly's free piecing study. It has all sorts of scraps from my scrap drawer. I dig it.

 These are the scraps that Lucinda sent me. Aren't they great?

 This is the house that I started last week...maybe 2 weeks ago. I have lost track of time. Anyway, I decided to try some of the awesome trees that I saw on THIS quilt. So this is the little traveling project I take with me when I need to have something to work on and I don't have a good book to read. Or even if I do have a good book to read.

 I have also taken this back out. Heaven knows when I started this one? Anyway it is going to be a pillow.

I found this lovely in an antique shop in town. Have you ever had a fantasy where you make a wonderful discovery of a wonderful treasure? Well, I have always wanted to find an antique sewing machine in mint condition (or an oil painting by a Dutch Master). I did buy it from an interesting character who wanted to know if I was stock piling guns and ammo due to the end coming. I said that I wasn't, but when the power is shut off due to the end times I can still sew with this hand crank. SO everyone else will be naked, but I won't. Well, after getting it home and cleaning it up, I am afraid I will be just a nude as everyone else since it is missing a pretty important bit of the threading system. Bummer, huh? Well, I do have hand needles and lots of thread so I guess we won't be nude after all. I just thought about that. At any rate this machine makes a gorgeous decoration.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, folks.



em's scrapbag said...

Free piecing is so fun. Your's looks great. Enjoy your visit with your sister.

Anonymous said...

That's my sewing machine! Seriously, my mother in law gave Susie (the Singer - sad, I know!) to me a couple of years back, and it's the only sewing machine I've got! I've seen spares on Ebay for that machine - might you be able to find what you need on there? And there's a clothes shop here in the UK which collects these machines to use as window dressing - the shop in Cardiff must have about sixty of them in it's window!

Sujata said...

I love what you have started from the inspiration on Flickr. It is going to be so pretty..

By the Bluegrass said...

I love these house house blocks! I have been wanting to make one forever!

I hope things go well with your husband!

Sonja said...

Ok I know I've read this post about his back surgery before, but missed entirely the part where you say his back is actually broken. Wow!! I've seen this once before a few years ago. A client of mine going around with a gold ol' crack in his T3, like it never happened.

Here's to a successful surgery and a brand new back!

I love catching up on your blog posts Tia. It's like catching up with an old friend, except neither of us is actually old, nor have we actually met in person- lol! Funny. When I talk about Flickr folks, you're invariably one of the first people who pop into my head :)

the Campfollower said...


Yep his back is jacked up, but the Doc is going to patch him back together. Both sides of his L4 are broken off and the disk is sliding in since it has no anchors. Poor fellow.

Yeah, I love my Flickr friends too. You are all real people to would be nice to have a REAL LIFE met up some day.

Sonja said...

How is it he is still standing?! The surgery will just make it official. You've married the bionic man.

The reunion happen one day I'm sure :)

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