Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Messenger Man Bag

 Most of my bag making business is from return customers. 97% is return customers. I have made several bags for Jennifer. I dig her and I hope someday to meet her in "Real Life". This one is for her Husband. It never crossed my mind that this would be a challenge until I was almost finished with it. I tend to worry that the person I am sewing for will not like what I make them. That is part of the drama with custom work. Almost all my bags already have an owner even before I make the first stitch.

I was almost finished with this one when my husband gave me his opinion. I had been pestering him for a couple days. What he said brought me to a screeching halt. Now keep in mind the man has some back pain with his busted up vertebrae, so I don't think he really thinks about what he says....but it made me think. I thought and thought and thought. I actually thought about it until this morning while I was washing my hair in the shower. I do my best bag design in the shower one of the only places I can't multitask. Anyway, I decided that leather sides are what this bag needs! Now I totally LOVE this bag!

 I reinforced the messenger strap with more leather strips on top of the leather I used for the side of the bag.

 This bag has 10 pockets.I hope he is an organized fellow otherwise he will have trouble finding his bits and bobs .
 I made some courthouse steps blocks into pockets. Out of DCU and the Chambray from the Navy top.
 The inside of the bag is Navy Ticking...like what the government makes military mattresses and pillows from. Or at least they were out of ticking when I was in the Army.

The back has more pockets.

 Here I am modeling it. It is still a bit chilly here, so I am bundled up.
This is my mate modeling the oven mitts I made Saturday. We made pizzas for the super bowl. I hate professional football. I have all sorts of reasons why I hate it, but I won't get into it here. I do enjoy the funny commercials during the super bowl. But I was to be disappointed. Instead of the cool "new" commercials that the rest of you were watching all over the country, we got to see the totally Lame ones that are for local businesses. Plumbing, ranch gates, car lots, steel buildings...totally lame ones. I was sad and took my young home to tuck them in bed and clean the kitchen.

OK, I need to tuck my kiddos in bed again. Have a great evening!



silversmith said...

huh... i hadn't thought about the ticking fabric as the same from military/ship mattresses!! it is!! that's too funny. now i'll have to mention it to sean this evening. ;-P

he loves it so far from the pictures and i'm sure he will use it all the time once it's home. 10 pockets... he will loose things in there! thanks again for all the great work!

Tif / Halu-Halo said...

the leather is a perfect touch!!!

i love my showers too, it's the only time i'm alone...like really alone. hahahahah

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