Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Do you think about the thread you use? I am kinda a cross between a thread hippie and total thread snob. I love cotton I don't like polyester and most of my thread is King Tut by Superior. I do have a couple other brands but by far King Tut is the thread king (or should I say Pharaoh ) of my castle.

I have big and little spools. When you buy a big spool it lasts forever and is especially wonderful for quilting quilts. I hate to run out when I am just about finished with a project. That happened when I was home in NC and I quilted one of my moms quilts for her. She bought a lovely blue and yellow verigation, and I think she got 3 wee spools of it. Well, I was quilting away....happy as a lark using her Aurora and bamm! No more thread! None. We went to all the thread shops in town looking for it and came up empty handed. It was very sad, but I had to leave in a couple days back for Kansas or Texas or somewhere (wherever we were living at the time). So I left my unfinished quilt for my mom to finish up when her thread arrived. She ended up having to order it straight from the company that made it.

Here are my little spools in odd colors that look just right with the bags I make. I order all my King Tut thread from Sew Thankful. They do not sponsor me and I get nothing for referring you guys to them except the knowledge that you will be well taken care of and love your thread when you get it. I have been a customer of theirs for the last 7 years. And they ship so quickly that I om holding the thread I ordered in my hot little hands within 3 days. I love them. They also have great prices!

And as wonderful as thread is, quilts are great too. I shipped this one off to it's new home today. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. You know, I think I make quilts a whole lot faster than I make bags. 

Anyway, have a happy evening and I need to make a PDF for you guys to download to your computer...I need to start dinner first, but after that I will do the PDF.

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