Friday, March 11, 2011

PDF for Bloggers Block-a-Palooza #13

Good Morning Everyone! How are you? OK, I have finally made the PDF for you to put on your own computer. Here is a link to Block #13 PDF.  Good luck with it!

Here is another block I made like it, but without the inside boarder. If you want to leave out the inside boarder, that is fine, just cut the little squares for the middle 9 patch to 2 inches, sew them together and trim the block down to 4.5 inches. I didn't want to confuse anyone with this option as they were making the block, but since the smoke has settled a bit I will let you know about it now.

This is a block I put together really quickly yesterday when I had a few minutes to sew. It is for Just One Star (that link will take you straight to the pattern page that has the address you can send your block to.) which is a quilt drive being done by Moda. They are putting together quilts for our injured soldiers. You can read about it more on Moda Lisa's Blog here. I think she has all the bells and whistles on her blog and she is pretty brilliant to boot.

Why send and injured soldier a quilt? Oddly enough that is a question I have heard over and over. Well, when a soldier is injured in theater (Iraq or Afghanistan) They are quickly stabilized and shipped on to the next higher level of care. Often times that is Landstuhl which is the big military hospital in Germany. I have been there several times when I was in the Army Nurse Corps doing patient transfers and medevacs and it is a massive sprawling facility. They do what they can to patch the service member up and send them on back to the US if they can't be returned to duty. In the US they go to one of the big Med Centers or to a Civilian hospital. Well, between all these moves all they have is the clothing they are wearing or the hospital blanket that they are covered with. A quilt is something they they can have and hold and wrap themselves up in. It is something that the family member can hold while their loved one is in surgery (again and again). A quilt is comfort. Take a couple minutes and make a block and send it to Dallas. You don't have to make a whole top or a whole quilt, just One Block.  It will cost you next to nothing, but it will mean so very much to that young man or woman who is able to rest beneath it and the family who love them.



Katie said...

Thank you so much for an inside look at where these Quilts of Valor go. I've always thought they were a good idea, but had no idea just how wonderful they are. I've got two blocks already made for the Just One Block project and will send them out soon.

silversmith said...

thanks for the post on "just one block" - i hadn't seen it yet... you know me - i'm always up for helping out with QOVs. the navy is already starting to compile their request list for me as soon as i finish their current one.

what's even better than knowing how the QOVs are distributed is receiving a word of thanks back. i've gotten to meet one of my recipients in person and received cards from two others. it always brings tears to my eyes to know they are wrapped in love while they have surgery after surgery.

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