Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some progress....

 Happy Thursday folks! How are you doing this morning? We are good. Most of the wild fires in the area are contained...but it is so dry and windy here they pop up quickly. A couple days ago we were outside watching storms to the south and east of us hoping they would give us some rain, but it was just a tease. They moved on to do some massive damage elsewhere. I did make the kids do a tornado drill with me because the winds were so strong it sounded like the roof was going to rip off.

So, I have been working on this order for a long while. I get so wrapped up in the details it takes ages to get everything done. Sometimes I wish I could just do the really simple bags like some of the other girls do....but I don't think it is possible for me. I mean I can make a bag in 30 minutes....heck I can do 10 minute bags, but they look like Zombie bags. This one does not look like a Zombie bag.

 She also ordered a diaper changing pad that can double as a changing pad. And she said to do whatever I wanted to do (I love it when ladies say that to me...and most do). about an Improved 9 patch. Now I have been wanting to make one of these for ages. I ordered the metal templates months ago and I bought a big stack of fabric to make a quilt for my bed with this pattern. Well....I am sad to say that I do not think I will make this quilt in a bed size. I think this little tiny one was good for me. I can tick it off my list as done and move on to another quilt for my bed...something doable. Maybe I will revisit the Lone Star. That really was quite simple after I got the hang of it.

 The curves are really tricky. I won't lie. I told Gwen Marston about wanting to make one of these for my bed and she said that it would be rather tricky. I concur.
 I do like how this one turned out in the end though. I used BDU for the block centers, linen and a lovly shot cotton and the pale yellow background is a great print by Art Gallery fabric. It is quilted rather simply, but it makes the actual blocks really pop.

Here is a gratuitous back shot. It is not my best project ever, but I think it looks pretty good for being a diaper changing pad.

Oh, so are you going to watch the wedding tomorrow? I am. I remember my mom getting me up well before the crack of dawn to watch Diana and Charles get married. I thought it was a glorious event. So Emma and I are going to watch the wedding tomorrow at 0300. My husband has no interest in it. Crazy huh?

OK, have a great day, I need to finish up 2 little backpacks for this order and off it goes!

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