Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bradshaw Order

 I just finished another of my custom orders. It is so nice to be almost finished with my little list over to the side. I plan to take the whole summer off and only sew on my own selfish things....quilts that have been on shelves in my mind, bags, dresses, hats! Oh the list is long and I can't wait to get to it. I am also going to sort my fabric and have a nice refolding time.

So, shall we have a look at the Bradshaw order I just finished? I love it. I showed Emily a couple pictures already, but they do not do justice to how great this bag is.

 I made her a Stu tote, a diaper changing pad that will double as a wall hanging is she likes, and a little zippy pouch.

I used some great fabrics for this bag, that hurt a little bit to cut into, but after the first cut I had trouble stopping myself. Emily also wanted the bag quilted with wavy lines instead of my normal swirls. Too easy. I think she has a great set here and I wish her nothing but health and happiness while she is carrying it!



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