Friday, May 20, 2011

Strangness is afoot....

 Good morning. How are you doing? I was prepared for the carpet cleaning man to come today to shampoo my raunchy cream carpet. (why on earth does the military insist on carpeting the houses with the cheapest cream carpet available? We used our tax return to buy a nice Dyson vacuum to deal with it properly. My other vacuum was just not doing a good enough job for me. I love to vacuum...I get to see all the pet hair and dust that is sucked up into the canister. It is fabulous! I do have to flip it over every couple times I use it to cut all the threads that get wrapped around the beater brush, but that is kinda fun too.) I set up the carpet cleaning appointment a couple days ago, wrote it down on my calendar and went to get cash so I could pay the good man. As soon as the kids and husband left for the day I hustled about moving furniture so the man could have easy access to the grime....well, 1000 rolls around, so does 1030, so I give him a call. Maybe I have the dates wrong? Nope, someone named Sylvia (claiming she was my sister) called and changed the carpet cleaning date. How odd is that?  Oh I kinda have a free day and lots of space to quilt in.

 See...lots of sewing room space....

 I snatched this quilt off the back of my sewing chair and decided to work a bit on the boarder vine. So far I am kinda happy with it, I do wish I would have just gone with cream thread instead of the variegated green I am using, but too late now!

Oh and Stanley McCrystal is kinda freaked out that all the furniture is moved. He has been quite underfoot since the shifting began.

 Oh, this is another strange thing. My cat loves to eat my succulent plant. He stalks it and pounces and then rips the whole little plant up by the roots and dives down to the kitchen floor to devour it. What a weirdo cat? Maybe he needs more stimulation. I stick the little survivors back in the soil hoping they will recover, but Ike just attacks them again during the night.

 My Lone Star quilt is finished. I am pretty thrilled with it, but I don't really have a use for it. I guess I will hang it up somewhere in the house to look pretty.

 I am quite pleased with how the quilting looks. Next time I will draw my design a tad smaller so when I put the binding on it does not eat the quilting. When I draw on the design I just use a regular old pencil. It washes out when it goes through the wash. No problem.

My lovely friend Erica sent me this book that I bought from Sarah Fielke. It will be coming out in the US in August, but I didn't want to wait. It is brilliant folks. Sarah Fielke has some wonderful little tricks in here. She has one for chain piecing liberated stars that will knock your socks off. I was sitting out on the front porch reading it night before last while dinner cooked. It was such a pleasant evening. The kids playing in the sprinkler, a good quilt book to look through and new tips to try!

Have a lovely Thursday and I hope all your appointments are met in a timely fashion!



Lynn said...

Sylvia must be having a party tonight.

the Campfollower said...

That is probably it. You see, I have my carpets cleaned AFTER parties. Stuff always gets mushed into carpet when we have people over.

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