Sunday, June 12, 2011

A baby quilt

 Good Morning! How are you doing? We are good. I have been in a bit of a crafting rut...must be all the constant house cleaning I have been doing since the house keeps messing itself up magically (between you and me I think it is my kids, but they deny such accusations so powerfully they must be telling the truth, right?) I am not the best house cleaner in the world to begin with. I have a bunch of bags cut on my table for sewing, but I can't get to them for one reason or another. Oh on a side note, I recieved so much interest in the pool bags! Thank you so much! I have 2 cut already. I am going to put them in my etsy shop so first come with $$ in hand first to show up at her local pool with a fabulous pool bag.

So anyway, I have been in a sewing rut (not a cutting rut, I seem to be doing fine with my cutting) I think something is upsetting my sewing machine, so I have been loath to test her. But finally the other day I did. I unfolded a WIP that has been sitting in a drawer and decided to make a quilt. One of my husband's LTs had a baby last week. Without thinking I whipped the WIP into a quilt. But as I was working on it I was wondering if the recipient would even want it? Maybe they had just prefer a gift certificate to Target? Do you ever get like that? Work hard on a handmade gift and then never hear boo from the person you gave it too? Or worse go to their house and find it in the dogs bed (who was telling me that story?). I think I can make a quilt in less time that it takes to get to and from for me it is better to just sew instead of shop. At any rate I am thrilled with how the quilt turned out.

 Somehow I did fix my sewing machine in the process of quilting this little thing. Here is a hint for your... if your top thread keeps breaking and making you cuss you propably have a rogue thread in your sewing machine. So just stop what you are doing and take out the bobbin, clean the bobbin area out and take off the throat plate, remove the threads that are there if there are any (my 820 came with a delightful little set of tweezers just for this, and I love removing the treads.) Oil your machine and replace the needle. You should be good to go after that. I was. Heck the machine even threads itself again. I love that feature on my sewing machine. I will have to make a movie of it....wait I bet Bernina has a movie of it on their website...let me go look. Yep, here is is with even jazzier music than I have.  Just click on the video option down at the bottom of the screen. That is what I sew with everyday. I love my 820. I have been wanting to do a blog just on my lovely machine, but I never get around to it.

 I found out something about me while making this quilt...I really don't like making half square triangles. Actually I find them really annoying. Crazy annoying actually. I am happy with how the quilt ended, but I don't think I am going to go wild making a King sized half square triangle quilt for myself.

So, I finished my little quilt (and I went to Target to get some onesies. and I am going to make her dinner one night) so I hope she likes it and uses it and I hope it gets worn out it gets used so much. That is a mark of success for me. Have a happy day and enjoy your weekend!


Minette said...

Hi There

I have a 820 as well. Still going through growing pains but getting better. I just had a close-up look at your quilting on this quilt. Do you mind sharing some technical info with me? do you use the BSR, foot control, and what stitch length and tension setting? I would aprreciate the help. I find with the BSR my stitches are sooo small. I like them bigger. I also have a bit of tension issues when I do free motion quilting. Thanks!

The LadyBugs Garden said...

I love your blog. I have a 830 LE Bernina and love it..I love the baby quilt.

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