Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial day weekend

 Hey there! How was your Memorial Day Weekend? Ours was good. We spend ours pretty low key these days. We have some wine and we grill...and we play with the kids. Some of the best things life has to offer. We reflect on our friends who can no longer enjoy such simple pleasures and we pray for their families who are left behind to carry on.
 We were going to make ribs but I got angry at the grocery store because they had marked ribs and steaks up so high that I decided not to play their game. So we made kebabs. You really can't go wrong with kebabs anyway. I did have to become a kitchen slave, but that is fine. I like being in the kitchen.

 I did make time to sit outside and finish a book, but I looked like this when I came back inside. It was about 109F and the winds were whipping at my back at least 35 miles per hour ( I know the winds make the heat a little more bearable, but it is like one of the rings of hell in our back yard- the ring with continual wind - I think it is the level that the gluttons have to spend eternity... it has been a while since I read that book).

We pulled our first garlic out of the garden and the kids ate my first bunch of tomatoes, so no pictures of them. I have really loved making these little finger puppets. I feel like I have made hundreds of them by now, but they keep disappearing.

 See, they have shows to preform. which is why I made them so that is very very good.

 My sweet little Ellie is the same color as the ACU. She thinks that is great. I am writing the tutorial for this little tote bag. I will put it online after we get back from the pool this afternoon.

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The Army of Four said...

Yea! I can't wait!
And I totally relate. Living in this part of KS means a permanent bad hair day and winds that feel more like a blast furnace than a refreshing breeze. :) Oh well. Whatcha gonna do?

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