Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Morning!

 How are you all doing? We are good. Hot really really hot but good. Did I mention it was hot here? It was over 110 F yesterday. Thank goodness the pool was open for the first time all year. Because the pool is open I have 2 pretty cool surprises for you. One for you tomorrow for Memorial Day and the other for Tuesday...going back to the pool day.

 I finished this wonderfully wonderful pocket clutch for a friend (yes, she did commission me to do it. But I still think of her as a friend). She wanted red, orange, teal and aqua and lime and BDU. At first I thought it was a pretty wild fabric combination, but everything matches camouflage. For you fabric junkies out there you will recognize, Suzuko Koseki and some Umbrella Prints my favorite Math print and some linen as well as wonderful BDU.

 I love to add as much detail as possible to my sewing, so this one has all sorts of quilting sprinkled throughout.
You may be wondering about the is Pocket Clutch by Keyka Lou. I really like her patterns. Very straight forward, as soon as you buy the pattern it pops up on your computer screen so you can sew that instant if you wish. The pattern pieces print off at the perfect size and there are step by step instructions. I am a visual are most folks, so it is really nice to have a picture back up the text. This is not a paid endorsement, as I have no sponsors. Just me sharing a delightful pattern designer.

So, you may know there there are many many gals out making bags from uniforms these days, right? I always like to see how they make their bags. Not to copy them by any means, just to see how they are done. Well, a friend had a bag at a birthday party yesterday and she was telling me about it. It was from a flight suit, so I wanted to see it. It was really cute. I have no clue who made it as she didn't have a business name, but she did a great job on the construction. She also had little crystals sprinkled about all over it. I have been asked in the past to do this and I frankly had no clue why anyone would want to have a bead-dazzled bag, but it looked pretty good, so now I see why that was requested. But what tickled me was how devoted she was to her bag maker. It was so cute.

OK, that is it until tomorrow. Come back with a pair of military pants (ones with cargo pockets).


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Anonymous said...

So is it okay to use someone else's pattern to do a commission for a friend? I'm not sure I understand all this pattern copyright or not for commercial use stuff. Is there somewhere to look it up? Thanks for the help.

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