Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nautical Flag Napkins

 So, we like flags and maps around here. I knew as soon as I saw these napkins on The Purl Bee that I would be making them. I am saying they are for my husband, but my boys love them too. Sam (the 6 year old) has already memorized which letter each flag means. He sat and chattered to me the whole time I was working on them yesterday. I have about 16 tops finished, but had to stop since I ran out of fabric.

 I think they are quite pretty. We haven't used paper napkins of paper towels in our house for about 8 years now. The napkins we had were starting to look somewhat pathetic, so some new ones are quite welcome. I will probably make some different ones that look more ladylike. But for now these are lots of fun.

I am embroidering each letter on the back before I sew them up because I doubt I will have the mental capacity to memorize what they all mean and I KNOW the kids will ask about a zillion times.

This was Emma and I yesterday evening when I finally sat down to watch the news. I had a ton of laundry to fold and have the troops put away, but instead I just cuddled my little girl. We got up really early so she could have yet another ear surgery. It went well all things considered. Since moving here her hearing has gotten so much worse. We are learning sign language and she is a lip reader.


Sudi-Laura said...

The napkins are fantastic. They caught my eye on The Purl Bee, but you have inspired me to get my self in gear and make them!

What do you use instead of paper towels? I would love to switch over.

Your daughter is an inspiration!

the Campfollower said...

Thanks! Emma is a great little person. I use tea towels or dish towels for just about everything. I kinda collect them and use the heck out of them. It is more laundry, but with 3 kids all I do some days is laundry.

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