Wednesday, July 13, 2011

new old discoveries

 Hey there folks. How are you doing? we are good. Enjoying the summer. 2 of my kids are attending day camp (Emma is participating in a writing camp, and is just brilliant if I do say so myself and Ethan is hanging out with the Navy here on base doing a drug intervention camp of some sort, not that he even knows what drugs are, but he gets to pet the drug dogs and drink Shasta soda until the cows come home and the Navy has some pretty cool fellas in it.) so while it is just Sam and I for the first part of the day I have just come to a discovery. There is no squabbling in the house when there is just one kid. Crazy. Is this what single kid house holds are like? Maybe so. moms of single kids have it smooth.

I saw this wonderful "rediscovered" silverware on Anthropologie while I was dreaming of a new wardrobe. You probably do the same thing. I love anthropologie.  I think they have great inspirational stuff. Well, $32 for a place setting was not that bad a deal...if it was real silver...but it was just plate silver...humm....I wonder if I could do better for myself at one of my favorite antique haunts? I bet I I did. I bought all the pieces above for about a dollar a piece. So, for $50 I found REAL STERLING SILVER. I can melt is down and shoot werewolves if I need to...or I can just replace the dish washer disposal devoured silverware I already have.

When I was a little kid we used to go "home" for Christmas and Thanksgiving when we were in the US. Now my home was always wherever my parents were stationed. I have a funny view of what "home" really is. But when my parents talked of home it was always with a reverence. Well, we would pile in the VW van and head out to North Carolina. We would end up arriving on the night before the feast. My parents would want to catch up with their parents, so sometimes I could make myself small and listen in to what they were talking about. As I got older, I was assigned a job or two since I was in the way anyway. The Silver polish was thrust at me and so was a rag. I could sit in the thick of the action (the kitchen) and listen to what everyone was saying. I could hear my aunts gossip, I could hear my uncles grumble, I could get to know these mysterious people from "home" while polishing silverware that really did not need to be polished...but it made me think about how special they must think us since they brought out this lovely group of forks and spoons that got to be wrapped up in velvet and hidden away in a special box. I love reminds me of family and belonging.

So while Emma and I were polishing the new to me silver we made up stories about the hands that had polished it before us. I feel closer to these mysterious ladies. Welcome to our home ladies. I hope we bring some light to your lives. It was so fun to see what was lying beneath the grime. Secret little monograms, delicate blooms, waving wheat. We had a great afternoon. And our table looks pretty fancy now too!


I have also rediscovered "Alabama Chanin" books. I made this dress in 2 days...all by hand. No sewing machine at all. I had the chance to sit and do some hand stitching and I jumped at the chance. Natalie Chanin has some great tips in her books. I read on her blog that she has a third book coming out. AWESOME! You really can't go wrong with her books. Full sized patterns, wonderful ideas, good solid advice. I think she is just brilliant. I wore this dress out today and I had 4 ladies stop me and comment on my wonderful dress. It is really simple, just heather grey cotton jersey, but the pattern is so flattering. Sharon (my sweet neighbor) saw it and waited until I cam home and crossed the street to let me know that she wanted to make one too...well so does Emma, so we went to Hancock fabric together. Good times.

OK, diner is ready.

Have a great evening!



Isisjem said...

What a lovely story about the silver ware.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely summer so far. I love the old mis-matched silverware! And I'm impressed with your hand sewn dressmaking. I'm not quite there yet with the hand sewing... Yours inspires me that one day I will be better!

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