Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I turned on my sewing machine again - and then had really good pasta

 Hey there! We are back from the beach and all relaxed. I feel totally reinvigorated. What is it about going to the shore that just fuels you up? I love the beach and thank goodness my family does too. We had such a wonderful time. If you are in Texas and looking for a break from the mindless heat and dusty soil go to Port Aransas. It is a great little beach town....ya know what? I am going to do a separate post about the beach. Lets just look at quilting things. I am so thrilled to have been able to log some time behind my lovely Big Bernina. Nothing like getting you back in the sewing mood than doing some free piecing. I figured out that I was so very behind on my BeeFF quilt bee blocks, so I buckled down with them first. These girls are for Sarah. She wanted free pieced girls. I can do that. Heck she even had a tutorial to follow...well I decided to put my own spin on these chickas.

 Not too long ago around the web there was drama about not having enough racial representation in the world of fabric. Frankly I have never given the matter much thought, but this is my second depiction Of Michelle Obama. You see, she pops up in my dreams so I make her into quilt blocks if she has been hanging out there too long. This last round of dreams was with Michelle Obama and  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (the new chick from Transformers movie). They were both wanting me to sew for them while I lived in an artist commune. I don't know what that says about my subconscious, but that I normally have odd dreams. Just for the record, Michelle is normally very mean to me in my dreams. So they are not good dreams.

 I really like how I did the hair on both gals and their necks are a stroke of brilliance for me. You see a chin comes along with the neck! Then the last thing I dig about them is their legs. Something about the angle is really wonderful, don't you think? I got their leg idea from one of Lucinda's awesome girl blocks.

 So, with the girls finished let us look at the blocks I made for Anita. She wanted to have pinwheels with half square triangles. Then we were to log cabin around to make the block about 12.5 inches. Do you see that kinda purple fabric? It is a little floral from Kaffe Fassett, Well, she sent us each a small piece of it to use in the blocks.

 I like this one because I finally cut into Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms. Well, not finally I actually have used several of these prints in bags before now. I really like this line by Amy Butler....but she is a genius, so her fabric is always wonderful.

 I like this block the best because I used strata to make the pinwheel. Strata as you may or may not know is the name of fabric that you make by sewing strips of fabric together and then you cut from it. I love making strata or "strings".

 Next we have a Sarah and Molly Free Piecing Study block. This is my first flower block ever...I think. As usual I can't follow instructions and did mine a little different. I saw these AWESOME flowers by Colleen. I wanted to wonk mine up like hers, but I just couldn't make the wonk happen. It is a bit wonky, but not organic at all...I will have to piddle around with this style some more.

My study partner (Lucinda) was busy over the last couple months and sent me all these blocks while I was at the beach. Aren't they awesome??? I need to catch up big time. I need to do the tree (the pine one not the round one. The round one is one I did for LauraJ and I have been too busy to get my behind to the post office and mail it out.) another flower, some plus signs, a basket and a house. I love free piecing. It really gets me in the mood to QUILT ALL DAY!!!!! If you have been kinda hesitant to break out of your quilting routine this free piecing study is a great place to start.

This guy really missed us while we were away. I kept tripping over things on my trips back and forth from the Iron and I finally looked down and saw all his toys at my feet. Poor guy wanted to go out for some fetch. Everyone should have a Lab this awesome. Needless to say, I called it a day. I went out to toss the ball with him and then hung out in the kitchen with my husband while he made a wonderful bacon cream sauce for our pasta. Let me jot down the recipe really quick because it was so simple and so wonderful. This is our go to pasta sauce when the fridge is mostly empty because it is not shopping day yet and the kids are hungry.

Stu's Great Pasta Sauce

  • About 5 pieces of bacon sliced up into half inch pices.
  • 2 small scallions chopped up
  • 1 big can of whole peeled tomatoes squished up
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 2 table spoons of Heavy cream
Cook the bacon pieces in a large skillet until they are beginning to brown. Drain off most of the bacon grease because it is not good for you.  Add the scallions and garlic and cook until the scallions are getting soft and clear. Pour the entire can of tomatoes into the pan and smash up the tomatoes. Cook for a while...drink a glass of wine...then add the cream and cook for a bit. Serve it with you favorite noodles. It is so good. My friend Erica in Alice Springs told me about making pasta sauce with bacon and at first it turned my stomach...but then I got to thinking about it and bacon is basically cheap pancetta...and pancetta makes everything Italian wonderful.

OK, now I am going to get on with my day. I hope you guys have a great day too!!!


Jennifer said...

Mildly related - I had a dream that I was in an elevator with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. I gave Hillary a big ol piece of my mind. Then I looked at Chelsea and said something about how it wasn't her fault about her parents and that I hoped she turned out to be a lovely woman one day (she was the young awkward Chelsea at the time).

Tif / Halu-Halo said...

you rocked those blocks!!! they're all so wonderful...i do have to say though that i laughed out loud a little about michelle obama...i'm sorry she was soooo mean! lol

thanks for the pasta sauce recipe! i will try it soon!!

the Campfollower said...

Hey there ladies! I know you understand my M.O. issues. I gave her an army dress because she was on the cover of Military Spouse magazine. which I think is really really funny.

I can totally see you giving Hillary Clinton a piece of your mind, Jen. That is perfect.

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