Wednesday, July 27, 2011

life is a beach!

Hey there! We are at the beach this week. My husband took a bit of leave, but not enough to go to North Carolina, so we went to the Texas Gulf. It is great here. Right after we arrived in Port Aransas we went to scope out the beach, but I should have had the kids change into bathing suits. In no time at all they were all 3 soaking wet and swimming in the waves. Next time we will just travel in our swimmers. We will be here for a couple days. Getting sunburned and eating really big shrimp.



silversmith said...

oh shoot! i saw "texas gulf coast" and was hoping you were down the highway from me!! but you're further southwest :( if you ever come to galveston, let me know so we can play together again!

enjoy the beach!! i've got to get my family out there this summer still too.

Nancy D. said...

We love Port A! There's a restaurant there called The Crazy Cajun where they dump the crawfish, crab legs, corn shrimp and potatoes on the table and get to use the wooden mallet to crack the crab legs open. Ohh. Now I'm getting hungry lol. Have fun!

the Campfollower said...

Port A is AWESOME! Thanks so much for recommending the crazy cajun. we will try it out!

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