Saturday, August 6, 2011

A little bit of sewing...not much.

 So, when we got back from the beach I checked the mail and look what I found!!!! The new Miscellany Collection for Cloud 9 fabric. It is organic and so very nice. I love the scale and the base cloth is so soft and wonderful. Well, with something so pretty sitting on my table and a couple more days of leave left I decided to dive right in. I know I have tons of other things to do, but really? This is too pretty to leave sitting lonely on the table.

 So, first step was to go to the Local Quilt Shop. Wool N Cotton. It is under new management, but at least it is still here. It is a funny shop, fabulous layout and light and tons of notions and a good selection of Moda fabric. Pretty much only Moda, but they are still new to ordering so I may get to see some other lines before I move away next year. The ladies showed proper reverence to this stack of Miscellany and wanted to know how I got connected to Michelle. Frankly I don't really remember. I think I emailed her when I was in Australia and asked her if I could sew for her. I think it was that easy. I have made her 2 quilts in the past Dogwood (her first line with Henry Glass) and Shade Garden (the second line with Henry Glass).

Anyway, I wanted to SEE the solids with the fabric. I have quite a few Kona Cottons at home and really tired to make them work with this collection, but the results were just falling flat. I was sad. Well, not sad just frustrated. So when I entered the quilt shop my eyes were drawn to the grunge solids by Basic Grey for Moda. There is all this different tone in each piece and it was perfect with the Miscellany. And in case you see this quilt when it is finished and decide that you NEED to make one just like it it will be a bit easier to find the fabric I used to coordinate. I am trying to think globally. Right?

 So, I am cutting 60 degree triangles from strata....

 Here is some of the Strata.... Maybe you can see what I mean about scale? those are about 2 inch strips and you can clearly see each print of each fabric. I am a nut for scale. I really am.

Some more has been happening here. I didn't have enough pink fabric to reverse applique the side panels of the dress, so I improvised and appliqued swirls instead. As I am working on this dress...I have been having dreadful thoughts. You see I kinda think it looks like an Easter Egg. and with my red/pink complexion I am afraid I will look like a fool in it. I would give it to Emma, but it is to big for her. I never get this kind of phobia when I am making quilts. I have make just about anything work as far as quilting goes...but dressmaking may be for the birds. But I do love this pattern. I have been living in cotton jersey this summer. It ROCKS. Natalie Chanin has a third book coming out next year and you better believe I will be ordering it! The first Alabama Stitch Book and the second Alabama Studio Style are both awesome and I think you should order them if you haven't already.

Just in case you are still reading I had my eyebrows threaded this afternoon. I heard it does not hurt, but she had to stop and blot my tears about 8 times. Damn. I thought I had a nice high pain threshold. That HURT. The lady before me had her entire face threaded! And she was laying there like she was having a foot message. Complete with a little smile and everything. Oh and it was in the middle of the mall, so I was also a sideshow for the freaks who were stumbling about...and yes I mean freaks. I wish you could have been there with me we would have probably wet our pants laughing.

And yesterday we had lunch with Daniel Craig. He is handsome as ever...but he is having a bit of an alien problem...and he shouldn't ever wear a cowboy hat...or clothing for that matter. But that is just between you and me. He did get the aliens sorted, so that is good and mostly he did wear his clothes, but they were leather chaps so do they really count? I don't think so.

Last thing...summer is the moving season among military bases. I am getting some really good neighbors! I am so excited!!! But the sad thing is that our water reservoir has been making the news. Apparently we are running out of water ( hasn't rained worth a damn in years) and what we do have is turning blood red. The end of the world is gearing up. I hope not! I don't think I have met my purpose, folks! I have stuff to do yet! Oh and the Warren Jeffs trial is wrapping in town. All the roads around the courthouse are kinda blocked off...but if you are a Texan and Drive a big 4 wheel drive you can totally go around. I know this. I saw it. Several times.

OK, have a great day!


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Vicki said...

So glad to see someone appreciating moda grunge basics...somehow I ran out of my pink grunge and I need more! It is something I use a lot of.

The dress (or is it a skirt) is looking good!

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