Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ft McKavett and the South Concho River

So, these are really some pictures for my sweet parents and sisters...but you can look too. Before we went to the beach we visited Ft McKavett and it was so hot we went to the river. I would have gotten in too, but I actually tripped over the swim bag on my way out to the bathing suit means no swimming for me (in broad daylight with a hundred strangers...I probably would have jumped right in if it was just my little family it was a zillion degrees afterall.) Ft McKavett is the home of Government Springs. It has never run dry. It looks like it is getting close to being dry, but there is still some nice cool water coming up. We all had a drink and so far no one has typhoid. Ft Mckavett was a really well preserved old Cavalry fort, so if you are in the area and have a hankering to see an old Army fort, march down to a little stream and then drive to the river, it is a good day trip.

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