Friday, August 19, 2011

School Starts Monday!

 Because School starts Monday, we have been trying to suck summer dry this week. We have gone to the pool (it wasn't time for Marine Corps Water no pretty pictures of hunky fellas...sorry. Someday I will try to be subversive and catch some fine looking American Men on my camera, but I don't want to be tossed in the clink.)

 Last night Emma had one of her little friends over for a sleep over. My husband was away, so I figured, what the heck. So we watched some crummy movies and made party dresses for Ellie. Ellie is my studio/bed buddy cat. She is sweet...totally easy going and loud as all get out.

 She is modeling her kerchief and cape (red riding hood was one of the movies we watched). It is really still too warm for this garmet, but she was a sport and showed us how pretty she was. The girls were so proud.

Heck I was pretty proud. Both little girls were sewing away with my fancy thread and scraps from my dress making experiments.  Emma was such a patient teacher.

 My cat really does not have much of a face, but what she lacks in face, she more than makes up in sweetness.

 Dinner tonight is chocolate dinner rolls and sauteed squash (we are also having leftover grilled chicken and tabbouleh salad). I get lazy and just cook vegetarian while Stu is away. But he was sad about the lack of flesh on the table...until I told him that I grilled the chicken on his new grill. Wasn't that nice of me?

 These rolls ROCK.  I add more coco to the dough and a bit of molasses. If I only was able to eat one type of bread for the rest of my life it would probably be this roll. Can you see the pretty wheat chaff in the picture? My husband wanted to know if I used my Red Riding Hood wheat in the rolls (He meant Red Hard Winter Wheat) and yes I did. I ground it myself too. Over at Sharon's house with her fancy grinder.

Oh and one last thing...I have bumper stickers. Does anyone want one? I think they are pretty cute. Email me with your address and I will send  you one.



em's scrapbag said...

Where did summer go? Your rolls look fabulous. I'm going to have to try them.

silversmith said...

stickers? oh yes please! you know i already advertise for you daily... do you still have my address?

the rolls sound great. i'll have to try them sometime, along with my walnut bread and everything else on my list. and i think tortiseshell kitties must be patient with their girl owners. i had a short-haired one and i used to dress her up in doll clothes and push her in a doll stroller. no one else could - just me.

Tif / Halu-Halo said...

those rolls look soooo yummy! thanks for the link! and yes, we are trying to get everything out of summer too. the pool is already cold when we jump in at 3pm -WTH! miss you girl!

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