Monday, August 15, 2011

My family as stack dolls

 How are you folks doing? I hope you are all good and I hope you had a GREAT weekend. We had a pretty good time. It rained finally yesterday, so maybe we won't have to drink our own urine (city sewage is perfectly safe I know, but the media around here has been reporting it like we will literally have to void in bowls, boil it and then drink it if we want to remain hydrated during the drought. I love our local media.) Anyway the rain was a blessing.

Have you ever wanted to see your family painted as a stack doll family? Well, I love stack dolls. I have a few. That big mama up there was smuggled out of Czechoslovakia back in the the early 80s when my mom would take tours across the boarder. She was great about smuggling all sorts of crystal out too. The next doll is a story of Cinderella. My older sister gave her to my Emma a couple years ago and I got the short Aqua doll when I was stationed in Germany about 11 years ago. I went on a tour to non-communist Czechoslovakia and was so impressed with the post fall art that I had to get her and let her hang out with her oppressed sister.

So, I was wondering around Hobby Lobby one day and saw the little naked wood stack doll sets and bought 2 on a whim. My wonderful friend and across the street neighbor Sharon Smith asked me to make a diaper bag set for a friend of hers so I presented my stack doll idea as a type of swap. I will make her bag if she will make my family into stack dolls. I would totally have made her a bag anyway...but Sharon is amazingly talented and I did want to reap the benefit of having such a skilled friend.

 So, look! Here we are! The Curtis Stack doll family. All the fellas are wearing jeans and cowboy boots. Emma and I are decked out in Alabama Stitch reverse applique. Pretty awesome, huh?

 The only 2 that open are the cats (Ellie and Ike) Ike has the blue bird in his belly and Ellie has a kitten...because she is a cannibal and ate one of her kittens. Sharon knows our family pretty darn well to have remembered that story!

 Here is sweet Stanley. With his green and brown poka-dot collar and big wonderful brown eyes.

 Each of the critters have paws on the bottoms. Isn't that wonderful?

 These are my kiddos. Sam, Ethan and Emma.

 Look at their little backs! Emma has on a reverse applique skirt. Fancy, huh?

 Here are Stu and I. She made his hair sorta grey. and I am decked out in my Alabama Stitch and I have my sewing in my hands.

 I love how she made my hair so curly...My stack doll me is having way better hair days than I normally do.

 My little quilt is clutched in my hands as are my scissors and spool of thread. I have fancy boobs too...I don't think my bosom is all that fancy in real life, but my stack doll self is stacked. I have fancy boots like the rest of my family.

 Stu has his Camel Cup trophy in his grasp. I guess Sharon likes the story of Stu riding a camel in the Alice Springs Camel Cup. He did come in third place. That is my man....quite the winner.

So, I bet Sharon Smith will paint your family as a stack doll gang for the right price. She has a new Etsy shop. So send her an email and let her know you are interested. She is wonderful.

 I have the worlds best dad. Did you know that? I was talking to him the other day about some of the stories he would tell us when my sisters and I were little and I wanted to know specificly about the one named "The Bloody Stones of Kerrigan's Keep". He sent me the whole book so I could tell my kids the proper story instead of winging it like I had been doing. We used to love these tales. Dad even included a map because he knows my need to always know where things are "exactly". I love you dad! Thank you so much.

Here is the story! You can read it here if you want a good Irish yarn and don't want to go hunt for the book. On long road trip through the mountains Dad also used to tell us the story of "Falling Rocks" the young Indian brave trying to win the hand of the Indian princess. Sharon's dad told the story a bit differently, well actually totally different as it was not an Indian brave at all, but an ax murderer.

My weekend sewing has been going back and forth between a large bag order and my Miscellany quilt for Michelle Engle-Bencsko of Cloud 9 Fabrics. It is going to be awesome. I finished most of the top and just have the boarder to do.

OK, have a great rest of your weekend! Thanks for stopping by.


Angie said...

Very cute. I painted a stack for my niece, as different nursery rhymes. I absolutely love the idea of a family, though. Very cool.

Lynn said...

These are great! I love that you say you would make her a bag anyway but want to reap the benefits of her talent.
So fun.

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