Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday already?

 Hard to believe that it is Friday already. This week flew by in a swirl of activity and sewing. I finished one of my really big orders (pictures will be in the next blog posting) and took a bit of a bag break to quilt my moms quilt. I thought it would just take me a couple hours, but like everything I do I got carried away and spent most of the week quilting it.

This is a very large Queen sized quilt. Mom said that she wanted something different in each block, I think she was joking, but I took her at her word.. I love how on the front of the quilt the piecing shines, but on the back it is a whole new quilt. I used a variegated yellow cotton thread and the lowest loft cotton batting (quilters dream request cotton batting- my favorite).

Mom selected a really pale yellow solid back which I was terrified would show all my starts and stops and tension issues (you have to count on having some, so if you don't you can be extra proud of yourself).

I have been quilting a for 8 years on a "regular" home sewing machine. It has been fun to take the skills I have mastered from quilting with my Berninas and try them out on the Gammill where there is almost endless space to let the thread dance across quilts.

I used several types of quilting to make my mom's quilt extra special. There are swirls, twirls, loops, rays, lines, echos and bubbles. Bubbles are a bit new to me, and I learned really quick that they suck up miles of thread in their sweet shapes.

I think I am finished on the quilting for this quilt too. Have I shown it yet? I can't remember and I don't want to bother looking back through my blog. I think I may still add a bunch of hand quilting to the floral vine, but I may not.

I LOVE this quilt. It has turned out JUST how I imagined it would. I stacked it and pin basted it before I bought my gammill, so this one was quilted on my Bernina 820. I still adore my 820.

Last but not least I have found a bit of time to read before going to sleep at night. That is my favorite time to read...well really it is the only time I read. I am slowly making my way through Dance with Dragons. I love the two quilting books on the bottom and I will be on the Blog tour for Deploy that Fabric.

You can read more about that HERE. Come back to me on the 5th of October for my review of this book and your chance to win a copy of the book for yourself and a cool messenger bag. Not one of my messenger bags, but a pretty cool bag just the same.

I need to get a move on if I am going to be able to stop by the post office and still join my son for his field trip. Have a great day!


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Ann Marie said...

I thought it was Monday all day long!!!! My boss laughed at me when I was leaving, and I made a comment about "this is it? This is all there is for a Monday, since when???" I was dead serious. Glad I am off tomorrow and Sunday too! I guess I need it.

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