Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Morning!

 Have you seen my new painting? If you have been over to the house recently I am sure I have shown it to you. Sharon Smith, my wonderful friend and neighbor and fellow creator of wonderful things painted it. She painted it over another trilogy. I loved the clean lines and the fact that it looks like farm fields seen from an aircraft. (I always love looking down on the goings on of whatever land I am flying over when we move to new places or travel.) Anyway, she sent me a quick text that said she was getting ready to paint over it again and to stop her! Well I ran across the street with thread and pins and bits of fabric flying behind me. Stop! I said. I will buy you 3 blank canvases so you can start fresh if you let me have these!

 She took me up on my offer. So now these babies are hanging in my living room. I love them. They look kinda like quilts.

So, I will be spending my day sewing. My creatures have assumed their fighting positions while I work. Such a hard life being a Curtis pet. Poor things.

Have a great day!

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