Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pearsall Order

 Good Morning! How are you all doing? I am ready to send out this order. This was a fun one to work on. Oh, heck, they are all fun to work on...well mostly. The Hero bags and quilts are pretty sad.

 This is a Zippy wallet. She wanted my first generation of zippy wallets, so I had to recall how I did them. I should make one for Emma so she can keep better track of her glasses.

 This is a Cathy bag. It is a bit different than other Cathy bags because I used the Top of the uniform instead of the pants. The lady I made this bag for was not wild about the slanty pockets (which pretty much all of the ACU pockets are slanty) so I took some liberties and cut the bag so the top pockets were straight.

 I love the fabric that Amy selected for this bag. It is some of my Lecien that I normally just leave sitting on it's shelf because it is really too special to cut. I look at it and think of what wonderful quilts I can make with it...but I never do anything with it. Isn't that crazy? Sometimes I think it is. To have something wonderful...and not ever use it? Anyway, I did cut into it for this bag.

 This bag is a Nancy Messenger. She wanted the straps to be more wide and the only uniform was what I used inside the bag as pockets. I am going to have to find more of the red stripe. I am mostly out of it now. 

 I do really like the inside fabric, it is stamps.

 This is a very sweet Cathy bag lined with lots and lots of owls. 

 She wanted the bag to be very simple, so I quilted it with a gray cotton.

There are pockets inside and both of the outside pockets are fully functional!

OK, I have quilting to do and I am working an a Hero quilt I am hopping back and forth between the long arm and the sewing room.
Have a great day!


Judith, Belfast said...

Love these bags and your clever use of fabrics! Jxo

YOLO said...

Great idea
I love the pouches.

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